1. allibone's Avatar
    I have what I think are multiple green dead pixels on my screen, I have the odd red on too. I sent my phone off to get repaired under MS warranty to the Anovo Repair Centre but they returned it saying that they could find no issue with my screen. As soon as I turned my phone back on I could see them again. They are mostly visible when the screen is projecting a black background.

    I've included pictures below.

    Does anyone else have this issue, and should I re-contact MS Repair?

    08-05-2015 04:33 PM
  2. Ostbiten's Avatar
    Yes, happened to me 3 times now.... you should send it in for repair again. When this problem first occurred for me, it took the service 3 times to ''find'' it and repair it.
    08-05-2015 05:16 PM
  3. Narciso Neto's Avatar
    Try searching for a dead/stuck-pixel fixer app on WPStore... I think it's called 'Wiper'. :)
    08-05-2015 05:36 PM
  4. vinscg's Avatar
    i got those on my 830 too.. but do the pixel test and you will see nothing is burned...
    08-05-2015 06:55 PM
  5. idokamaroq's Avatar
    Those are stuck pixels, not dead pixels. And yes, it's a common thing on the 830. Since it's the "affordable flagship," they cut some corners on build quality to keep up elsewhere with specs. I just tap the area where the stuck pixels are with something hard and blunt (3.5mm headphone jack seems to work well) and they go away for me
    08-06-2015 12:49 AM
  6. allibone's Avatar
    What do you mean by the pixel test?
    08-06-2015 06:08 PM
  7. vinscg's Avatar
    cant remember the app..
    08-07-2015 05:46 PM
  8. vinscg's Avatar
    look for "dead pixel tester" in the store.
    08-07-2015 05:55 PM
  9. allibone's Avatar
    Have ran Pixel Doctor and Wiper but they have made no difference, I'll contact Nokia/MS Care again and see what they say
    08-08-2015 04:48 PM
  10. ankitmav87's Avatar
    Hii every one,

    I am also facing the same issue as pictures uploaded by Alibone.Suddenly from nowhere these defective pixels appeared on my LUMIA 830 screen overnight.
    There was no physical impact on the device.Also tried various pixel fixer videos from youtube & all pixel fixer apps on store.
    Is there any particular App or anything related to OS or maybe firmware which triggers these pixels malfunctioning as my 830 is 7 months old.
    Is this repairable or sending the device to nokia care is the only alternative?
    Pls help :)
    08-10-2015 06:54 AM
  11. ankitmav87's Avatar
    was it resolved by pixel test?
    08-10-2015 06:56 AM
  12. allibone's Avatar
    ankitmav87 - Pixel Test made no difference.

    I took my Lumia 830 in to a Nokia Care Point today and they said that as I had sent it through Microsoft's system I would need to contact them again, whereas if I had done it through Nokia Care they would have repaired it in the store for me.

    I will contact MS warranty again and see how I get on.
    08-10-2015 05:12 PM
  13. ankitmav87's Avatar
    Hii Allibone,

    Pls update on the issue on the repair procedure once done...whether replaced or repaired within the store itself....fingers crossed 😊
    Awaiting your valuable feedback..
    08-11-2015 05:52 AM
  14. allibone's Avatar
    OK, to update, I sent my phone away a 2nd time, I included a full story describing how I had taken it to Nokia care etc, I also printed the pics I posted above and included them. I received an email back last week saying that my phone had been repaired and I finally got it back tonight.

    Instead of repairing my phone MS have sent me a brand new Lumia 830, it even came with a spare battery so now I have two. They don't send you a fully boxed phone, just the screen/body of the phone. When you send it off to be repaired you have to take out the battery, sim and SD card, and remove the back cover.

    All in all I'm pretty happy, it took longer than expected but is finally resolved.
    08-25-2015 04:10 PM

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