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    I promise this is 950XL related!

    I just managed to get the new Dell XPS 15 and the 950 XL, upgrading from a 4 year old laptop and a 1020 that I got the day of release.

    Needless to say I'm a little behind and have no experience with USB3.1, Thunderbolt, or USB-C, so mind my ignorance. :)

    Simple question...

    Can I transfer from my XPS15 and 950XL using a thunderbolt cable? Or USB-C cable to USB-C male cable ? I guess I'm confused about what the difference is...is it that all Thunderbolt is USB-C, but not all USB-C is Thunderbolt?

    And most of all...am I going to fry my phone or computer if I try??
    12-06-2015 01:12 PM

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