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    I have a new problem on my phone. This is the first real problem i have had and so far nothing i do will correct it.
    On Sunday i started having issues with my messaging on my windows M8 One. At first i was getting the message notification ribbon at top and when i clicked on it to get my message i would go into the message and immediately be kicked out to the home screen. When i went back into messaging to find my message, it was gone.
    The second issue started soon after. When i went in to get my message and was able to read it, i would reply and get kicked out, the new message and my reply would be gone.
    Now, i am unsure if i am getting my messages at all.. and in some cases i have been able to contact people and they tell me they sent me several messages but i never got a notification that i was sent a message. Sometimes i am wondering if my outgoing messages are all getting out as well. Although i have turned on my send notification and that seems to be telling me, in most cases, my messages are going out. However, not all of them are being confirmed.

    Has anyone had this issue and know what to do about it? Thanks for the help.

    Incidentally, i have been to both Verizon and HTC, and so far they cannot really help without telling me to wipe my phone and start over. This would be my last resort.
    03-23-2016 10:05 AM
  2. corporal27's Avatar
    I talked to both Verizon and HTC. Verizon was no help although they did try to research the issue and ended up saying there is nothing they can do.
    HTC was a better help. they have not seen this problem before and tried to get me into the start recovery menu but there really isn't one for windows phone like there is for the android version. I spent about an hour on the phone with them and they were pretty good. In the end all they could suggest was that this may be a cache issue and there is no way to wipe the cache on a windows phone so a hard wipe of the phone may solve it. Unfortunately when i did this, i lost everything that was not backed up so i basically started from scratch this morning. I still had all my contacts so that was a good thing.
    The only thing i would do differently is try to contact microsoft and see if they had a different solution. Which i was going to do today, but situations happened where i accidentally got to the hard reset and there was no option menu, it just went and started the reset process and i could not stop it. Excitement.
    03-24-2016 12:47 PM

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