1. pavvento's Avatar
    Hey Everyone,

    I am finding it incredibly difficult/frustrating to create multiplayer games on the Xbox One when I have friends over. I'm used to the Xbox 360 where I put the game in, turn on the controllers, select sides and play. It seem almost impossible with the Xbox One. Here are my experiences:

    NBA 2K14: Load up game. Have each player go to Xbox home to sign in as a guest. It then asks to see them and select that it's them. Go back to the screen and guess which player is which controller and pray it doesn't switch. At some point in this process if people move seats or someone leaves the room it will say "controller __ has been disconnected"

    Other games: Seems difficult to have everyone login if others enter the room. For example, we had a bunch of people over and the 4 people playing logged in as guests. When myself or another one of my roommates would enter or exit the room it would either say hi or bye to them (the 3 of us have profiles) and mess up the people playing the game.

    If anyone can help me figure out how to spend less time screaming at my TV and more time playing games with my friends I'd really appreciate it!!
    12-02-2013 05:59 PM
  2. xboxonthego3's Avatar
    Hmmm.. have you tried turning off the Kinect sign-in? You can find it under Settings\Sign-in, security & passkey. That should stop the Kinect from signing in and out and could possibly be a temporary fix for your problem. Also I don't think you have to make a guest account in order to do splitscreen but I could be wrong about that part though.
    12-02-2013 07:57 PM
  3. Keith Wallace's Avatar
    Unplug the Kinect and light it on fire. It's the only way.
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    12-03-2013 12:20 AM
  4. pavvento's Avatar
    Thanks, I guess I thought logging in was necessary. I'll give it a try tonight and report back.
    12-03-2013 04:02 PM
  5. jkidd01's Avatar
    I didn't need to make a guest account for my roommate when we play Killer Instinct. I think the guest account is mainly for using Xbox Live services...
    12-03-2013 04:35 PM
  6. pavvento's Avatar
    Ok, last night I played NBA 2K14 with a friend. When we got to the choose sides screen his controller was not present. He tapped the Xbox button and logged in as a guest and then went back to the screen and it was present. We chose sides and started the game. This leads me to believe that NBA requires people to be logged in. Here's the frustrating issue: During game play it said "controller 2 disconnected, hit start (or whatever it is now) to continue or reconnect.". He hit start and it swapped him to player 1 (me) and kicked me out. He then had to tap the X, login as guest again, and then I had to login as myself again to get it back to normal.

    I'm hoping this is just a bug with NBA. I'm having friends over on Friday and we'll play some other games so I can do some more testing but if anyone has experienced anything similar I'd love to know!
    12-04-2013 01:28 PM
  7. minus365's Avatar
    si8milar problems are with forza5 multiplayer splitscreen. both players need to be connected to own profile. then in the game, you change some options eg. hud from miles/h to metric km/h, but it will not change in the game. then if you change assists for one of the players, it gets reseted to defualt state for every new race. then, you are in the game, press Menu on controller 1, but then in menu it can be controlled with controller 2.
    singleplayer game is ok and haven't found many isues, but mutliplayer splitscreen is horrible.
    12-06-2013 04:58 AM

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