1. zr2s10's Avatar
    Just got the "Spring Bundle" for my birthday/early Father's Day present. $319 was pretty good for 1TB and 4 Games! Comes with Halo 5, GOW, Ori & the Blind Forest, and Rare Replay. Unfortunately I've been so swamped at work and home projects, I haven't actually played a game yet! I did get it set up, updates, and all the games installed on the hard drive, so I should be good to go tonight, if I can get the 4 and 1 yr old to ease up on me, lol. I'm not sure how I like the home screen layout yet, I feel like the 360 was much more intuitive, and had more info on screen without being as cluttered as the One's interface. I suppose I'll get used to it in time.

    I have two questions:
    1. Is there any good way to use the 360 controllers on the One? I'm giving my 360 to my brother (my son only plays Mario Bros), but was going to keep my second controller for the One. I thought they were usable, but the One won't pick up the 360 controller. I don't want to buy an adapter (only option I've seen so far), because at that point I'd rather just get another controller.

    2. I had to get a new DirecTV receiver, that I setup after I already had the Xbox setup. But it's only displaying in 480, with the receiver saying that "the TV doesn't support this resolution" beside all of the other options. Is this possible from the pass-thru on the Xbox? Just wondering if anyone else has come across this?
    06-01-2016 07:28 AM
  2. Keith Wallace's Avatar
    1. You would have to use the adapter.
    2. Hard telling without getting to mess with the settings. However, might as well try it. That sounds more like the box's issue.
    06-01-2016 12:45 PM
  3. zr2s10's Avatar
    On Item 1, apparently I need a wireless adapter for the wireless controller. I bought a used charge and play kit, but apparently that doesn't carry the signal. I was trying to use it on our laptop for game streaming, and it wouldn't pick up. I couldn't find any clear answer on any website, but there was a YouTube video on it, and the guy mentioned it there, that that kit doesn't make a wireless controller a wired controller. The people at Game Stop didn't know either, they told me to just try it, and return it if it didn't work, lol. I'll just pick up a knock off wireless adapter for Windows on Amazon and be done with it...I hope
    06-10-2016 12:59 PM
  4. Keith Wallace's Avatar
    That's not right. I have a Play & Charge, and I plug my controller and play on my PC. Well, I have in the past. I really don't anymore.

    As for the adapter thing, it's $25 or so for that wireless adapter. Is there really a knockoff that much cheaper, to where you'd even trust it? Microsoft's been very secretive with their wireless protocol, from what I have seen. That's why you haven't seen ANY third-party controllers on the XB1 that are wireless.
    06-10-2016 01:06 PM
  5. zr2s10's Avatar
    I couldn't get it to recognize it as a usable input at all. It knew what it was, as it listed it under devices, but it would not do anything. I tried a couple of other games from the Store on the PC, it didn't do anything. When I went to stream from the Xbox, it said I had no controllers connected. I plugged my XO controller in via MicroUSB cable, and it recognized and worked right away. So maybe there are different versions? Don't know...

    I'll check MS site for the official wireless adapter, there was one on Amazon that claimed to be from MS for $19, but the reviews were saying it was a knock-off. Despite that, it did have positive reviews. But if the MS one is close, I'll just pick it up instead. The advantage to this over the wired one anyway, is that I think you can run multiple wireless 360 controllers through it on the One. If that's the case, it'll be nice if I can find a good local multiplayer, and not have to buy a bunch of One controllers.
    06-13-2016 08:59 AM
  6. zr2s10's Avatar
    I can find the one for the Xbox One controllers, but it states that it doesn't work with 360 controllers. Under 360 it lists nothing. Under PC accessories, they list a wireless 360 controller for Windows, which appears to come with the receiver to plug into the USB, but it doesn't explicitly state that. It's also not available as a stand-alone item, that I can find on there anywhere. I may try out the one on Amazon. It's Prime shipping, and I'm sure I can return it if it doesn't work. Even if it won't let me run the 360 controllers on the One (who knows at this point...), as long as I can use it on the PC, I'll be happy. The fewer cords for the 1 & 4 yr old to snag and drop the laptop, the better... lol
    06-13-2016 11:51 AM

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