1. jason404's Avatar
    When I am listening to music, a podcast, or a video file, I often want to skip back a few seconds, or forward, etc.

    Isn't there a way to do this in the Zune player?!
    11-24-2011 11:46 PM
  2. Dave Blake's Avatar
    Tap and hold on the Fast Forwarded or Fast Reverse will do just that zoom forwered or zoom back.
    11-25-2011 07:08 AM
  3. jason404's Avatar
    That's so strange. I am sure I tried that before, but it did not work. Are there particular types of file or codecs where this does not work?

    Anyway, thanks for the answer. It's a relief to know that this can be done after all.
    11-25-2011 07:17 AM

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