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    EasyAnalytics and EasyAnalytics Lite apps just got updated with Traffic Sources functionality... Good news for those who are eager to see where their website traffic is coming from.
    For a lot of website owners its important to know which channels are leading to more people on your website because then you know in which channels you should invest the most effort in.

    I got a feature request for it and it seemed like a fruitful improvement, so why not adding it! It just got published so if you have got a Google Analytics account connected to one or more websites... Give it a try!

    Oh and please rate and review,.. I really like to know what you like / dislike about the app and what improvements I can make.

    What's coming up next week?? the "Yesterday" period will be added based on a feature request. It will give the user the ability to see just yesterday's data.

    Any questions? feel free to ask!
    04-16-2014 08:16 AM

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