1. PsyOr's Avatar
    I'm looking for application that allow to watch live my ip and dvr cameras.
    Didn't found anything normal, the best I've found is IPCam Soft pro (free app) but the app is not friendly.
    There is no GV-VIEW app (GeoVision) so I need something that support these cameras, also Rifatron DVR cameras..
    Did anyone found something like that?
    08-09-2015 08:58 AM
  2. PsyOr's Avatar
    Did anyone found something?
    08-19-2015 06:42 AM
  3. fredd's Avatar
    there isnt anything out there yet. Ive been trying. I have swann cameras and the swannview app is outdated and they said no new support for it. Iphone and android apps work great so maybe we can get some good ones when we can get android apps.
    08-19-2015 11:51 AM

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