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    My two month old 925 on 8.1 (I got 8.1 about a month ago) creates no sound through the earpiece during calls but speakerphone and headphones work fine. It started a week ago during a call where the person's voice slowly faded out in the earpiece, but putting it on speakerphone let me hear them. First I assumed it was Tmobile's almost nonexistent indoors reception, but this happened outside too. This happened again in a later call, and now I never get any sound from the earpiece. The phone has never been dropped or anything. It doesn't appear to be stuck in headphone mode, but I tried those fixes anyway and there's nothing stuck in the jack. A soft reset did nothing as well.

    A possibly related issue is that, since updating to 8.1, sometimes my phone randomly says I have no SIM card so I have to restart it.

    Can I return this device if I have to even if it's on 8.1? Would that void the warranty?
    06-13-2014 02:11 PM
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    First, yes, your warranty should cover you.

    Second, before you think about taking the phone in for replacement, you should perform a factory reset to be sure that it isn't a software problem. Go to settings | about | reset my phone | yes | yes. Make sure you back up pictures and any other data you need to keep that isn't already synced before you do so.

    Odds are that this is a hardware problem, so the reset won't make a difference, but a reset is one of the steps they should make you do before replacing anyway, so you can save yourself some time on the phone by doing it ahead of time.
    06-13-2014 04:35 PM

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