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    Hi! I bought my Lumia in last November and since then it has faced various difficulties but I was able to solve it via net. I first downloaded Six Guns in February via PC and installed it without any problem. But since it had been updated I again downloaded it via PC (I do not have a Wi-Fi connection so I couldn't download it on my phone) but this time it is not installing moreover Asphalt 8 is also not installing. I searched it on the net and did a hard reset twice but it didn't help. Yesterday I installed many other games like Temple Run 2, Kingdoms & Lords, Ice Age Village via my SD Card and all installed perfectly and other apps and games from store also installed perfectly. Whenever I try to install it shows an error : "We're having trouble installing this app. Tap and hold the item, then tap retry, If you're trying to update an app and the problem continues, you might need to uninstall the app then install it again." The last line confuses me because I have not yet installed an app but it still shows to uninstall the app and retry. Further there is no problem with the memory because I have 4.10GB of free phone memory. Hope I'll get the answer here.
    07-03-2014 11:58 PM
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    Memory and Storage are 2 different things. The Lumia 520 has only 512 MB of RAM and there are many apps that require 1 GB. RAM provides space for processing tasks while you are using the app; storage is like the hard drive on a computer, where files are stored, waiting to be called up to use RAM.

    I have Asphalt 8 on my Lumia 920, but my daughter is the real Asphalt 8 junky. It would be my guess that the intense graphics and the speed at which scenery changes would definitely require some RAM. I noticed in the reviews for it in the WP App Store that others have also been unable to install it on a Lumia 520.

    Reviewers in the Six Guns listing do indicate they are running it on the L520, so that one should be do-able. Since it is an XBox game, your stats may be stored in the cloud, but you might need to uninstall/reinstall that one, possibly losing all your stats (yeah, that sucks). If you decide to do that, I'd recommend uninstalling, restarting phone, then going to Storage Sense > Temp Files and clearing those before reinstalling.
    07-07-2014 02:02 AM

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