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    I have an HTC 8X on Verizon.
    Every time I get a voicemail, I get a strange text message similar to what's below:
    08/2014 14:22

    I have a Ford with Sync. Is it possible this has something to do with this? I haven't seen anyone else having this issue.
    I'm assuming the VZWVVM is Verizon Wireless Visual Voicemail
    The phone number shows up, the time, date, etc but there are also some unknowns.
    I'd love to know how to disable this.
    And I thought Verizon Visual Voicemail Basic was free? I can't seem to sign up for it. When I tap the VOICEMAIL button it asks for my voicemail password and then a screen pops up asking me to subscribe.
    What gives?
    08-13-2014 01:43 PM
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    I have the exact same issue on my Lumia 735, my texts come from Verizons text number which is 800-900-XXXX but have the phone number embedded in the text. Is yours the same? Visual Voicemail is not a free service. It costs 2.99 a month. As far as I know I do not have this feature anymore but I still get the texts.
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    12-10-2015 10:47 AM
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    I not only have the voicemail notification not working correctly (meaning

    I'm not getting the traditional vm icon on top of the screen) I receive a

    gibberish text message along with the voicemail that looks like this:

    //VZWVVM:SYNC:ev=NM;id=43;c=2;t=v;s=(calling number);dt=12/09/201802:52-

    0400;l=7;dev_t=5) -> From text number: 900080006202

    I have just bought a unlocked LG G6 at Best Buy 7 days ago (9/6/2018)

    because I wanted a good spec cellphone because I was sick of watching the

    progress bar trying to process calculations because it was too low on

    resources or RAM or HD space.

    I did use the "Tracfone Bring your own SmartPhone SIM Kit" for $1.00 and

    it worked perfectly - all online - zero tech support ;)

    After noticing this problem, I researched it on other forums and on

    howardforums.com learning that "some" TF customers have had success and

    some no success in fixing this voicemail notification icon not displaying

    and receiving a garbled text message along with it.

    I had bought the QVC tracfone LG Stylo 4 but they realized that NO

    customers could activate it, so there was a massive callback on this phone

    but at that time I had been on TF customer "service" with the number 1-

    866-806-1840 w/ticket number. Now with this new problem on this new phone,

    I though I could "slip" in using this "ticket" number on a different

    problem on a different phone, But, No, it expired and had to become a

    "civilian" and go through CS like everyone else, lol.

    I can say that: IT CAN BE DONE! BECAUSE I HAVE DONE IT - My experience: So

    i know that i have VVM (Visual Voicemail) - because: (#1 ) when you go

    through the VM prompts - After #4 (personal options) - I don't have

    option: #1 (Message waiting indicator on/off - Basic vm only), and (#2)

    I'm getting the text messages VZWVVM instead of a standard vm icon like we

    all have had in the past.

    So, I call that number above and go through the standard prompts to get to

    a "live" person. I tell the person to hook me with tier 3 tech support and

    they do, I tell them to: "remove visual voicemail and activate basic

    voicemail" this 1st tech said ok and just had me do: *73 on my phone but I

    later realized after hanging up that they just reset the BAD: VVM and also

    realized later that my password was also reset and It didn't work.

    I called again and asked to be sent to tier 3 - then again told them to

    "remove visual voicemail and activate basic voicemail" and again this tech

    "person" said that there is no way to disable VVM because it doesn't exist

    on their system, I told them that it does and I had done it before. He

    told me that there is a tier 4 tech support that's even above him and he

    will connect me to them. I was like: "YES" !!

    I repeated again what I wanted and I could tell that he knew exactly what

    I was talking about, he removed VVM (Visual Voicemail) and activated

    standard basic voicemail :D , I was like: " Thank you, sir, you are

    awesome" - I asked him to call my cellphone and leave a VM and he did and

    IT WORKED, I received just a VM icon and NO Text message!

    NOTE: when he activated basic vm, i did receive a gibberish text message,

    like the one above, BUT it was different:


    letters)/VMServices -> From text number: 900080006204

    So yea, I'm happy . . . . oh, your welcome
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    09-12-2018 08:41 PM

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