1. fleceldinho's Avatar
    Hey all,

    I'm sure there are tonnes of these but I wanted to throw mine in to the mix.

    Background (won't got too far back)

    With the release of wp8 I dumped my iPhone 4 and pre ordered a 920. Yum, loved it, been awesome. Wp8.1.1 yes thank you please!
    My work phone is a nexus 4, rooted with cyanogen mod. Well, would be if I was allowed ;)
    A couple weeks back I lost my 920, not the end of the world, my contract is up for renewal anyway. Got a new sim, threw it in to the iPhone 4 (yuk).

    The problem is, I want a high end device, yes, I will never tell the difference but it matters to me and I'm a customer so I have to be right!
    The 930 looks good, but been around a while (icon). I can pick one up off contract for about 370 Gbp Comparatively cheap.
    The htc one, I probably would have naught one on a wim, but I'm in the uk, so can't.

    I want to stick with wp8.1.1 but I need a phone to back it up, I recently got the wife an Xperia z1 compact. It's a lovely phone, I'm guessing that the z3 will be fantastic. But it means committing to yet another ecosystem, one that is less preferable.

    What do I do;

    Hold out with baited breath being disgusted with myself for using an iPhone while I hope for a 1020 successor?

    Dive in, get a 930 and hope a 1020 successor is 9+ months away?

    Bite the bullet and buy awesome hardware but lose the ecosystem that I love?

    08-31-2014 03:17 PM
  2. fleceldinho's Avatar
    Hmmm, think I will wait until after IFA 2014 and see if anything else is thrown in to the mix. Microsoft could always shock us with a 1030! (Yes, very wishful thinking...)
    09-01-2014 06:44 AM
  3. colinkiama's Avatar
    You should wait for all the announcements to end.
    09-01-2014 06:52 AM

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