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    Problem began four days back. The heat is really bad. I wonder if the plastic will get damaged along with the SIM and memory card through time. Since then, the only solution is to keep the phone in flight mode or OFF when the heating begins.

    In chronological order, following are the steps I've tried, with no success, over the past four days:
    1) Hart reset with phone apps and settings deleted from the cloud. So a fresh start.
    2) Initialised all apps.
    3) Uninstalled Photostream (since it's a lockscreen app), Skype, Facebook. Kept 'artist images' OFF in lockscreen settings.
    4) Activated and deactivated Kids Corner.
    5) No Gameloft games installed.
    6) India, so no Cortana involved, though I did try it a week before the problem started (by changing region). That has been reverted back to normal language and region settings.

    Please let me know if there's anything further I can do.
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