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    Hi. I am connecting a laptop with a QHD screen to a large external monitor with the same resolution (QHD) using a docking station. I only use the large external monitor to mirror the laptop screen which i dont look at when it is connected to the external monitor. I would like to be able to have everything scaled to 150% when the external monitor is not connected so that I can read things on the laptop screen, but I want to decrease scaling to 100% automatically when the laptop is docked so that things look good on the external monitor. I cant figure out how to do this....I can adjust the dpi scaling manually, but its a pain to change each time I dock/undock. I know you can change the spi scaling for monitors individually, but since I am mirroring the laptop screen and not extending it, the settings dont give me an option to adjust each monitor individually (in the settings it shows up as monitor 1/2) Can this be done??
    08-09-2015 11:10 PM

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