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    why cant I open media content when some one sends me a picture I have a nokia lumia 530 I have just had some people send me pictures but I don't know how to open them. and I was told to go in to mobile sim something to do with mms apn don't know much about this. hope you can help
    08-15-2015 05:38 AM
  2. gpobernardo's Avatar
    This depends on how the pictures were sent to you. It appears that they tried to send the images to you via MMS. If so, then check with your Mobile Service Provider first, since in some locations by default the MMS feature is turned off possibly to prevent incurring unwanted charges.

    If the photos were sent to you through some other means, e.g. email, sharing via some app, then the MMS settings don't have any bearing.
    08-15-2015 09:44 AM

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