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    We have just switched from Century Link to Xfinity and now instead of wired connection we have wireless but I don't know how to switch Ethernet to wireless. I tried searching how to do this multiple times in the internet and haven't found any results. I can't find the Wifi settings in Network and Internet only Ethernet.
    01-20-2016 05:51 PM
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    You have to have a modern that is also a wireless router...not all of them do both these days
    01-20-2016 05:59 PM
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    You have to have a modern that is also a wireless router...not all of them do both these days
    Wtf is a modern? My wifi does have a router I am typing this from my laptop and I am using the same wifi I want to connect to my PC. Its just the Wifi section in my Network and Internet is not showing up and even when I type wifi in search box it doesn't show
    01-20-2016 06:20 PM
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    > YojanSainju

    A WiFi set up must have WiFi on both (one of either modem/router/modem-router combo/access point) with WiFi capability enabled.....and also on a destination device (ie laptop/PC/tablet/phone) with WiFi adapter capability enabled (internal WiFi card/USB WiFi dongle).

    Since it sounds like your laptop *is* receiving WiFi signals from your Xfinity modem-router combo, you have the sending WiFi part covered at the modem/router end of things. Your laptop WiFi is working because it has a WiFi adapter device installed. It sounds like your PC may not have a WiFi adapter device installed if it's not listed in your Network and Internet area in Ctrl Pnl. To check if your PC does indeed have WiFi capability installed...go to Device Manager (right click Window icon bottom left of screen, select Device Manager) or access from Ctrl Pnl or via Search.

    In Device Manager, look under 'Network adapters'. If you have wireless installed on your PC it should be listed as a wireless device ( eg. 'b/g/n Wireless LAN PCI'). If nothing is there, then you don't have capability to receive wireless on your PC....yet.

    Wireless capability can be easily added to your PC by purchasing a USB wireless adapter dongle/stick at your local computer/office store (eg Staples/Office Depot etc) or online (eg Newegg.com). Alternately a wireless adapter PCI/PCIe card can also be internally installed on your PC if you are computer savvy (not really too difficult, just open computer and install card in slot). In either case you likely want to make sure the addon wireless device you buy enables at least '802.1 n' wireless band for reasonable speed. 'b/g' band is slower, ac is faster. Most modern wireless modems/routers put out ac/b/g/n combo signals which can broadcast/connect/send to any of the ac/b/g/n signals. Many people have various wireless receiving devices (tablet/phone/laptop/PC) of varying ages which might have different wireless band capabilities (ie an older phone/tablet might be only 'b' band wireless but not many devices use 'b' band anymore.) etc. These days most devices have 'n' or 'b/g/n' or 'ac/b/g/n' bands pre-installed at purchase. So at home in order to wirelessly connect, your PC will need to have a compatible band that your modem/router/modem-router combo is wirelessly sending out. Usually that will be 'ac' or 'ac/b/g/n' or 'n' band if your modem/router/modem-router combo sending device is newer. 'b/g/n' band if older. 'b/g' band if ancient. Some older game boxes use only 'b' band. More supported bands the better so as to be compatible with differing modem/router wireless capabilities. (ie you buy a new modem/router or change ISP etc)

    Some Newegg.com wireless adapter dongle or internal wireless adapter card choices:
    Wireless Adapters, PCI Adapter, Wireless-G Adapter - Newegg.com

    A USB wireless dongle/stick is the easiest solution. w/re to speed, eithernet is fastest then PCIe wireless card then USB wireless dongle. ac band is fastest then n then g then b.
    01-21-2016 11:36 AM

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