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    Hi everyone

    After a clean Install of windows 10 Build 1607 from DVD (which created by Microsoft Media Creation Tool) I have noticed a problem that for me is very annoying. I used to change my movies folder Icons to their cover via modifying desktop.ini settings in each folder. It worked fine from Windows Vista Up to Windows 10 anniversary update. I could copy them anywhere (on different drives, different computers or on external storages) & they looked the same. but after build 1607 comes out, it does not work any more. I could not change any icon via modifying desktop.ini file. I mean it will change the icon but the icon does not appear on folder, it simply shows default icon of the folder. below is some screenshots of the problem.
    also I have included my desktop.ini settings for you to check if anything is wrong (but i doubt that as I have use this settings over a decade & it worked correctly till now)
    By the way, the windows shows correctly the icons which i created with previous windows version ( as you could see in screenshot), but if I copy them on anywhere else, the icon would disappear.
    I know I could change folder icons via folder's properties, but it would take so much time for many folders and also with changing the windows or copy the folders anywhere else the icon would change to its default appearance. I'd really appreciate if you could help me in this regard. Thanks.

    10-21-2016 02:56 AM

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