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  1. Arturs Lapins's Avatar
    Yesterday my Windows 10 was running fine until I came back from a shower.

    I started up my computer logged into Windows and when I logged in the desktop was black and all I had was a mouse cursor. I opened task manager and I restarted "explorer.exe" but still nothing. I loaded up Google Chrome through the "Run New Task" option in the task manager to start looking up solutions. I've tried so many things, I've scanned for viruses and tried a few things I've seen on other posts.

    For everyone else the solutions offered seemed to have worked but not for me.

    One post suggested that it might be a virus that is inside windows files.

    I don't remember downloading anything that day so I don't know if it can be a virus.

    I need help.
    11-09-2016 06:48 PM
  2. holdum333's Avatar
    Hi ! Welcome to Windows Central! See if you can get into Advanced Startup! There you will find several ways to recover W10! If you need more help, please join the forum!
    How to access ĎAdvanced startupí by triggering ĎAutomatic Repairí

    If your PC isnít loading Windows 10 and you donít have the operating system installation files, you can use the following trick.

    Start your computer and follow the POST, when Windows should begin loading, press the power button to shutdown your computer.

    Repeat the previous step twice, and in the third restart the operating system should enter into the Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE), where a number of diagnostics will be performed to try fix any booting issues, but you will also get an option to access the Windows Startup Settings.

    How to access 'Advanced startup' options on Windows 10 to troubleshoot and fix your PC ? PUREinfoTech
    11-09-2016 07:14 PM
  3. Arturs Lapins's Avatar
    Thanks for your reply!

    I tried doing the Automatic Repair but it said that it couldn't repair it.

    My Windows 10 boots completely fine, I am able to log on to windows and start up programs but only through task manager because my desktop is black.
    11-09-2016 07:35 PM
  4. holdum333's Avatar
    Hi! Can you get to refresh-reset? If the Auto Repair cant fix your issue, then you might consider a refresh-reset. If that doesn't fix your issue, I suspect hardware. Do you have access to another monitor?
    How to use 'Refresh Windows' to do a clean install of Windows 10 Anniversary Update | Windows Central
    11-09-2016 07:58 PM
  5. holdum333's Avatar
    Hi Here's link to Microsoft help for black screen!
    11-09-2016 08:21 PM
  6. holdum333's Avatar
    Hi! Wondering if you are still needing help with your problem. If you have solved your problem, please share how you solved it .
    That way I can suggest these links again!
    Thank you!
    11-10-2016 11:31 AM
  7. Arturs Lapins's Avatar
    Nothing is working unfortunately. I tried going into the device manager and it just said "Navigation to the webpage was canceled".
    I really doubt it has anything to do with the display driver though.
    11-10-2016 03:16 PM
  8. holdum333's Avatar
    Hi Thanks for the update. My thinking is a refresh-reset as suggested in post number #4 may be the way to solve this problem! There were other suggestions beside the display driver. You mentioned malware. You could use a this program to scan your PC.
    Sometimes, your PC’s external devices can be the cause of problems. Try unplugging all your devices, and then plugging them in one at a time.

    If that worked, but one of your devices causes your display to go black when you plug it back in, unplug your devices again, plug them in one at a time—except the device causing the problem—and restart your PC. If you can determine which device is causing the problem, contact your device manufacturer for support.
    Last edited by holdum333; 11-10-2016 at 04:28 PM.
    11-10-2016 04:07 PM
  9. holdum333's Avatar
    Hi! Here's my thoughts! You have a PC that has a huge problem. I don't see any way that I could tolerate and work with a PC without a desktop. I gave given you all the suggestions that I could think of. IMHO your best shot is a refresh-reset. I have given you links that explain how to do this procedure. You have replied twice, saying you don't think it's the display driver and Auto-repair could not fix the problem. I have no idea where you are or what you plans are. When your limited ability of not having a desktop and only being able to use your PC through the task manager; My thinking is a refresh-reset. You can do that with the Media Creation Tool or through the Advanced Start-up. I don't have any thing else to offer you at this time.
    Good luck and Happy computering!
    11-10-2016 10:03 PM
  10. Arturs Lapins's Avatar
    Thank you very much for taking the time to try and help me.
    I hope to solve the issue soon. :)
    11-11-2016 09:21 AM
  11. holdum333's Avatar
    Thank you very much for taking the time to try and help me.
    I hope to solve the issue soon. :)
    You're very welcome. Let us know how things go for you!
    11-11-2016 11:46 AM

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