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    I'm designing a USB device with Microchip's MLA v2015-08-10 on a PIC24FJ128GB202( The device works as expected on my Fedora 23 Linux system. It enumerates and is recognized as a HID device.

    On Windows it does not enumerate. I tried a Windows 10 laptop and Windows 7 in a virtual machine on my Linux system. Both say: "A request for the USB device descriptor failed." (Code 43)

    When I analyze the traffic with Microsoft Message Analyzer I find this error: Get Device Descriptor - USBD_STATUS_STALL_PID

    I find no solutions online and have no idea where to look next. I assume my code on the PIC is working fine since it runs on Linux. It's clearly not a driver issue since I can't even get the device descriptor. And it isn't a problem with the system since it fails on different devices with different Windows versions.

    Does anybody have an idea where to continue my search? An explanation of the differences in USB device enumeration between Windows and Linux might already help a lot.
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    12-15-2016 03:13 AM
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    09-13-2017 05:40 AM

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