1. KimRM's Avatar
    So I finally got my free Display Dock yesterday. It's awesome, but I have one problem. When connected through HDMI to my TV the sound still comes out of the phones speakers. Is this normal? I really would like the sound to go through the TV speakers. When I use Continuum with the wireless display adapter the sound goes through the TV speakers, so why not with the dock?
    I can't find any setting on the phone(950) for controlling where the sound goes either..

    Does anyone know? Are you also experiencing this?
    12-23-2015 01:20 AM
  2. rfr0st's Avatar
    Haven't got my display dock yet, but the wireless adapter sends audio as you say.
    Tried updating the firmware yet? A new one was released about a week ago.
    12-23-2015 03:14 AM
  3. KimRM's Avatar
    Yes, tried it before and after the dock firmware update. Still same result.

    I'll try with different HDMI-cable when I get one. But this cable works well with other devices so I don't think it's the cable that is fault. It's strange.

    I did have the same problem through wireless at some point from a Linx tablet with windows 10, but with Windows 10 Desktop version I was able to change the sounds output to the wireless screen. On the phone this doesn't seem to be a option in the menus.
    12-23-2015 03:30 AM
  4. OsnaStonie's Avatar
    Here as well.
    12-30-2015 05:37 AM
  5. KimRM's Avatar
    Hope this will be sorted out by MS soon then. It's causing me to not use the Continuum feature as much as I would.
    12-31-2015 04:45 AM
  6. Nikita Van Vinci's Avatar
    What resolution of the monitor do you have? Only non vesa resolutions are supported for audio (for example 1920x1080 should work, but 1336x768 wouldn't)
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    01-01-2016 07:31 AM
  7. KimRM's Avatar
    What resolution of the monitor do you have? Only non vesa resolutions are supported for audio (for example 1920x1080 should work, but 1336x768 wouldn't)
    It's supposed to be full HD 1920x1080. Lg tv. But it's some years old. About 8-9 years. I'll test with another tv and check when I get a chance.
    01-02-2016 05:56 AM
  8. KimRM's Avatar
    No wait.. Not that old. Maybe 6 years.
    01-02-2016 05:58 AM
  9. anon(9223041)'s Avatar
    Same issue here, suspect it is that problem, what someone already described, dock only support full HD native TVs, although via PC it isn't problem to change TV reso to 1080p, which my TV will support, TV is about 9year old Samsung LED, with HD support, hope that Microsoft will add resolution change option when connected with continuum. Or definitely new Smart TV need to be bought.
    03-01-2016 02:35 PM
  10. midnightfrolic's Avatar
    I have newish cheap 32" Sharp TV, 1080p. Audio works fine via HDMI. When I power up my bluetooth earbuds, the audio usually automatically switches over to the earbuds. But Groove stops worksing sometimes and I would need to start playback again several times before it'll continue working, or switch songs entirely.
    03-02-2016 11:16 PM
  11. NICK TOALE's Avatar
    With some of the LG TV's you may need to check the Sound menu and make sure the output to speakers option is on and digital audio out is on.
    03-03-2016 12:18 AM
  12. Sepp1945's Avatar
    same here but using my wireless adapter it works fine ....

    05-15-2016 04:31 PM
  13. victor_solis's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem. My Display Dock is connected to a Samsung SyncMaster T220HD and the sound is coming out my 950's speakers. I checked the menu options of my monitor and I couldn't find anything to get the sound to go through its speakers.
    08-18-2016 11:22 PM
  14. daimv's Avatar
    Interesting. We should all use the feedback app to ask microsoft to include an option to choose the sound output device in mobile,
    sometimes I would like to output from the phone when using miracast! (using a screen with no speakers)
    09-01-2016 08:53 AM
  15. Bobvfr's Avatar
    Hope you all don't mind me butting in with a couple of simple ideas.

    1 Does your monitor have speakers built in?

    2 Have you checked the volume settings? A lot of people with speakers in their monitors also have speakers via a sound card, they would probably never set or tested the volume of the inbuilt speakers.

    My monitors inbuilt speakers work a treat with my 950 XL, but if the volume was down on my HDMI, no sound would come out of my Logitech speakers on my desk unless I took a feed to them from the monitor.
    09-03-2016 03:06 PM

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