1. dc_in_sf's Avatar
    Anyone found a sleeves or cases that would fit a redfly yet?

    I have an InCase gadget messenger bag that came out 8 years ago (and has sat in storage for most of those years) that is actually pretty sweet for carting the redfly to my local coffee shop but I doubt it is available anymore...
    08-25-2008 08:14 PM
  2. EdFrmBrighthand's Avatar
    Mine mostly rides in a normal-size daypack. It's overkill, but at least I get a smile whenever I see how totally dwarfed it is in slots designed for normal laptops.
    08-27-2008 05:22 PM
  3. dc_in_sf's Avatar
    The REI Boarding Bag is actually a pretty nice fit for a Redfly and has enough room for a few extras (mouse, usb cable, Zune, paperback).
    08-29-2008 08:34 PM
  4. redbird's Avatar
    I picked up the REI Boarding bag based on the post above. It will work perfectly. Lots of room for accessories to make this a truly mobile office.

    Thanks for the suggestion.:D
    09-18-2008 08:31 AM
  5. ckj's Avatar
    Celio Corp/REDFLY plans to launch an accessories site soon offering some cases, car chargers, etc. for the REDFLY.

    We have a few products in the works right now (including at least one case), but we’d love to get input from customers as to what types of case options or other accessories you’d like to see.

    We’ll take all suggestions into consideration. As long as the manufacturing costs/potential market numbers are feasible, we’d love to provide accessories based on customer wishes and feedback.

    Please post some comments regarding…

    a) Describe your dream configuration for carrying the REDFLY. (For example, do you want a tight-fitting case that fits in a purse; a case with extra room for your smartphone; an even larger case like the REI Boarding Bag with room for a phone plus iPod/Zune and a mouse; or a large bag that also holds a laptop; etc.)

    b) If you had to only choose one type of case, would you prefer a tight, form fitting protective case, or a larger padded bag like the REI bag with room for cables/phones/mice etc.

    c) Any other accessories you’d like in addition to a car charger?
    09-18-2008 12:08 PM
  6. dc_in_sf's Avatar
    I must admit what I am most looking for at the moment is a form fitting neoprene sleeve to use when storing the redfly in a larger bag.

    That said, I find the incase bag that I posted originally about to be perfect for taking the redfly down to a cafe or to a seminar, it fits my phone, a cable and a travel mouse and pretty much nothing else, but often that is all I want to take. That bag is no longer available afaik (I bought it 7-8 years ago) so something like that may be useful to others.
    09-19-2008 01:17 PM
  7. sixftunda's Avatar
    I would say I am also looking for a form fitting case, but with a small opening to put a sync cable.
    09-20-2008 04:00 AM
  8. EdFrmBrighthand's Avatar
    Colin, I'd like Option B: a case that's just a bit bigger than the Redfly with room for the charger brick, mouse, and sync cable.

    I don't need space for the phone, as that rides in my pants pocket.
    09-20-2008 01:31 PM
  9. cmtomlin's Avatar
    I would check out Case Logic's DVD player neoprene sleeve that has a size that should fit the Redfly perfectly. They also have several other options for those who wish to have room for other items.
    10-02-2008 05:18 AM
  10. Bujin#IM's Avatar
    Ideally, I'd like a small briefcase, with a pocket for the Redfly and cords, and another for paperwork, etc.
    10-02-2008 07:46 AM
  11. dc_in_sf's Avatar
    I would check out Case Logic's DVD player neoprene sleeve that has a size that should fit the Redfly perfectly. They also have several other options for those who wish to have room for other items.
    The Case Logic DVD player sleeve is a little big for the Redfly, by and inch or so in height and width. The best option I have found so far is a EEEPC 701 sleeve that is still a little loose but much better than the Case Logic.
    10-02-2008 10:53 AM
  12. EdFrmBrighthand's Avatar
    Thanks for the tip on Eee PC cases being a decent option for the Redfly. I'll look around to see what some of the options are.
    10-07-2008 12:44 PM
  13. Zagleft1's Avatar
    Anybody remember the Toshiba Libretto (the FIRST mini-lap!)? :eek: Wasn't it about the size of the Redfly? I still have a nice case from that I need to dig up. It had accessory pockets too..
    10-15-2008 05:32 PM
  14. flyemhighrockets's Avatar
    I would like to also have a tight fight case with some pockets for extra accessories, and a handle, and or strap so it can be thrown over thw back wile travling.
    10-16-2008 01:57 AM
  15. kodiakdjd's Avatar
    I just ordered an ASUS neoprene sleeve for a 8.9in EEE pc.

    I should be in any day now and will post some info after i try it.

    I got it from

    10-16-2008 07:38 AM
  16. wodin's Avatar
    I have a FlipStart UMPC, and bought an "Executive" case for it.

    I now use my FlipStart Executive case to hold my REDFLY. The REDFLY fits the puka that the FlipStart used to go in except sideways, and there is plenty of room for USB hubs, travel mouses, thumbdrives, etc.

    I think dynamism.com might still have them, but you have to search for "flipstart" from their home page.
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    10-21-2008 01:52 PM
  17. rondcroft's Avatar
    Hey, just picked up a Belkin Neoprene Sleeve for 7" laptops. It fits like a glove. The sku is 22868 68295. Got mine at Micro Center.
    11-05-2008 04:29 PM
  18. btate0121's Avatar
    I went to walmart and picked up a neoprene case for portable dvd players (looks EXACTLY like the one Kodiak ordered except it's black). At first I wanted to find something that fit snuggly... but couldn't find anything in stores. This was the next best option.. HOWEVER. i also normally pack a usb cable, flash drive and a book in the same case.. so the loose fit works for me. I used a hot glue gun to put some velcro on the opening flap so it stays shut securely. works well, looks nice, and easy to tote.
    11-06-2008 11:55 AM
  19. PDAwizard's Avatar
    Iíd like a case that adds as little as possible to the Redflyís size. The only extras I want to carry in the case are a small mouse (exterior pocket?) a mouse pad, and maybe a flash drive. 8-10 hours battery life means I donít need to carry the power brick (if AC adapter was small and light, which itís not, Iíd carry it wherever the mouse is. AC adapter is large and heavy, so Iíll leave it behind unless I'm going for 1+ days).

    I donít want to carry the phone in the case as I want the phone to be more accessible.

    The REI Boarding Bag looks great, but is larger than what I want. When I want more space, and want to carry most everything, I put the Redfly into the included sleeve and place it in my laptop bag. Just enough extra room for the Redfly.
    11-09-2008 04:13 AM
  20. jxmot's Avatar
    Try a Tucano 9 / 10" neoprene sleeve(bought mine at Fry's in Illinois). It fits well, but not too snug. And there's just enough room for a USB cable.
    11-19-2008 01:05 PM
  21. wodin's Avatar
    Try a Tucano 9 / 10" neoprene sleeve(bought mine at Fry's in Illinois). It fits well, but not too snug. And there's just enough room for a USB cable.
    J&R has them here for $14.99 plus shipping.
    11-19-2008 05:19 PM
  22. HaoDaMao's Avatar
    I use a leather padfolio. My phone (Samsung i760) fits where the calculator normally goes, and the Redfly rests right on top of a pad of paper. A few pens, business cards and I'm ready for any meetings or reviews.
    11-22-2008 03:00 PM