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    I've searched the forums but don't see the topic. I have an HTC Touch Diamond which I use with an external bluetooth keyboard. I've loaded a keyboard mapper from http://ae.inc.ru/aekmap.php and use a Dvorak layout to type when I'm using the external keyboard. On the phone itself, I thumb-type using the Qwerty layout.

    The Redfly is exactly what I'm looking for and is my first choice over a netbook. However, I'm wondering what the Redfly driver does to keyboard strokes sent back to the cell phone. With the keyboard mapper, I press "j" on the external keyboard and the letter "h" appears on the phone's screen. It would be ideal if when I push "j" on the Redfly keyboard, an "h" appears on the Redfly screen.

    The Redfly is only available in Canada by mail order from the US so I don't have an opportunity to test it without a commitment.

    I wonder if anyone has tested the interaction of Redfly with a keyboard mapper on a WM phone? If anyone is interested, the format file for the Dvorak layout is the 7th downloadable file at http://ae.inc.ru/aekmaplayout.php. AE Keymapper also has other mappers to re-map your WM keyboard for various languages and functions (e.g., calculator without fn key).

    PS. I'm in Vancouver, BC if anyone as a Redfly here. I'll meet and buy you a coffee at Artigiano.
    11-04-2009 02:42 PM
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    I have just downloaded your linked files and tested this on a Bell South Diamond and the keyboard layout has changed to the dvorak layout when connected to the REDFLY.


    Test Engineer
    Celio Corp. | REDFLY
    11-04-2009 03:18 PM
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    Hi Matt,
    That's great. Thanks for testing. I think other Dvorak layout typists will find the Redfly a viable option for touch typing on a windows mobile device.

    11-20-2009 11:52 AM