1. ViktorOTitov's Avatar
    Dear friends!
    Help me, please, to choose the best device for everyday work.

    1) MacBook or MacBook Pro mid 2017
    2) ThinkPad X1 Carbon
    3) Surface Laptop (Book, Pro)
    or other

    Typing (10 hours a day), so I need ideal keyboard experience, Mail (hundreds of them every day, because I do a lot of Admin work too), so I have to respond on them quickly, that is why integrated Lte modem will be more efficient. (Maybe, if it will be MB or MBP, I can use iPhone like a modem or external Lte modem, but I think, that it is less comfortable).

    Programs - MS Office 16 + extra add-ins like PowerPivot, PowerMap, then SPSS, Stata, R, Statistica, Acrobat DC, Finereader, SmartDraw, Adobe pr-ms, etc.

    What do You think - to buy MB or MBP and also to download Windows on it, or to buy Windows laptop? Which model? I need Your experience, dear professionals. Many thanks!
    08-04-2017 03:43 AM
  2. Player Piano's Avatar
    If you are going to run Windows then buy a Windows laptop. I am in the same field. Of those 3 you list I would grab the X1 without question. The laptop that I use daily is a Dell Latitude E7470 with an i7 ultrabook processor. The typing experience on the new Dell machines is quite good.
    08-04-2017 09:13 AM
  3. xandros9's Avatar
    I highly recommend a ThinkPad. I'd go for a more robust T-series but that's just my own taste. The X1 Carbon, as well as the other machines are all fine laptops.

    My deciding factor would be that the ThinkPad would be the easiest/cheapest to repair in case anything goes wrong. The other two, you'd be replacing the entire device. (except for the Book, you have two replaceable parts.)
    08-04-2017 10:02 AM
  4. ArtistJD's Avatar
    HP Chromebook 14 seems good. Since it’s a good laptop for writers (check this guide for further options), and academic work pretty much involves a lot of writing work, you might want to give it a try. It’s a cheap laptop with premium feature. And it pretty much gets the basic tasks done fast.

    The alternative is Samsung Chromebook 2. I haven’t used it, though. But I think you will love it because it boots in less than 10 seconds, supports auto updates, and it also implements the sandboxing technology.
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    10-07-2017 11:28 PM

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