1. raxy21's Avatar
    I really want a good windows phone with this specs-
    1. Lumia 720 body,
    2. Snapdragon 400 quad core processor like in L630,
    3.1GB ram,
    4.720p screen,
    5.5mp camera with at least single led flash
    6.if possible vga front facing camera,
    7.8GB storage with memory card slot,
    8.2000mha battery similar to L720,
    9.available in red,white,yellow,cyan colours,
    10.priced reasonably, even if more than Moto G,may will buy this and it can drive windows phone sales up like how 520 did when it was lunched.
    11.if possible include the motion sensor from the L630.

    I really want the next phone released from Microsoft Lumia should reach this, it will sure increase the sales and now a days many people want to get at a good phone that will last 2 years for them, even if it is some what more pricey than what they initially wanted to buy people are stretching theirs budget to get a good phone.
    So I think this will be great for windows phone, what do you guys think about this?
    05-30-2014 12:03 AM
  2. anon(8141431)'s Avatar
    Lumia 730
    05-30-2014 12:12 AM
  3. raxy21's Avatar
    May be but If it has to be Lumina 730, i would have said 8mp camera as 720 has 6.3mp camera, this should be the best in low to mid range phones and it should drive volume of windows phone.
    05-30-2014 01:06 AM
  4. sri kamal's Avatar
    Lumia 720 with 1GB ram and Quad Core processor in range of 17K to 20K
    Laura Knotek likes this.
    05-30-2014 01:14 AM
  5. girishN's Avatar
    If it can be more cheaper with a lower resolution, I won't mind.
    05-31-2014 07:39 AM

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