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    So we all know the drama behind Windows Phone vs. Snapchat and how much it'd mean to have that app in the Store. Well, forget about Snapchat. Today a Snapchat-like app (the best way I could possible describe it IMO), that promises to be a game changer (trendy to say the least) and whose founders are some pretty interesting people, launched today.

    IMPORTANT: From this point forward, if you do not know who Casey Neistat is, please go watch his YouTube channel. Then come back and keep reading this.
    Casey Neistat, in a nutshell, is a popular film maker and a relative new YouTuber (833,439 subscribers and counting) famous for his multiples mini documentaries praised by The Verge… yes, I said The Verge… and Gizmodo. He's gathered so many viewers and has partnered with so many social media influential people (think of Jerome Jarre, [huge on Snapchat], Matt Hackett [former VP of Tumblr] et al), thus creating this huge interest which translates to users *hint hint*

    First of all, what is Beme? I'm glad you ask:

    So why does Windows 10 Mobile need Beme?

    Because it does… and so does Beme. Period. No app guarantees the success of a mobile platform, of course. But it does position it into the big leagues, per se. Once you consider what Windows 10 opens up with their UWP, Beme could benefit from the millions of desktop users should Casey want his app to be available for desktop… or Xbox… or the Hololens! So it's a win-win for everyone.

    Now, it'd be nave to think that Windows 10 Mobile could possibly have a chance at being considered and being launched before Android. That's like saying a ninja cat is riding a unicorn, hehe. No but if we could all raise our voice so loud that Casey hears our request for Windows 10 Mobile, maybe, maaaaybe W10M could be considered to be in their roadmap… at least for now. Do we really need to wait until this app is so popular that considering Windows 10 Mobile would only cause eyes to roll? We need to request it NOW… or at least persuade Casey to contact Rudy. We all know that'd be awesome too.

    So go tell Casey Neistat to consider Beme for Windows 10 Mobile

    This honestly has potential.

    The New York Times - The Debut of Casey Neistat’s Beme, a Social App That Aims for Authenticity

    Added: Take this poll — Do you want @bemeapp to be released for Windows 10 Mobile? : strw.pl/194aad8e

    Disclaimer: I am not paid to promote Beme nor am I linked to the company or Case Neistat in any way possible (lol). I'm just another Windows Phone user eager to have the platform fully flourish and being given a chance.
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    Not that I disagree we need Beme but damn, what a terrible app/service/fad. Saw Mark Guim using it on the iPhone and it's even weirder/more dumb than Snapchat.
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    07-17-2015 04:58 PM
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    I see where you're coming from. To this day I don't get Snapchat. I know how to use it, I know what it is… but it still ask myself why. Beme, at least, is trying a different approach. Though I'm sure people will keep pointing their phones towards them by blocking the proximity sensor with their fingers lol
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    07-17-2015 06:17 PM

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