02-08-2017 03:20 AM
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  1. tgp's Avatar
    Good luck finding a Fire Phone to buy, Amazon has killed it altogether.
    I just bought one from eBay for $125, including 1 year of Prime membership. This gives it a net cost of $25. It is still available from the same seller for $134.99.
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    09-09-2015 01:57 PM
  2. mariusmuntean's Avatar
    after what Apple presented including Microsoft showing office on the new ipad :)))))) a big NO! for any ms devices.

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    09-09-2015 02:20 PM
  3. leo74's Avatar
    YES, absolutely.
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    09-09-2015 02:31 PM
  4. FearL0rd's Avatar
    after the apple presentation. not impressed. Maybe Yes for new Windows 10 Devices
    09-09-2015 02:34 PM
  5. Mohannad A Rabia's Avatar
    YES, absolutely.
    Owned: SonyEricsson Xperia X1; Lumia 900; Lumia 925
    Currently: Lumia 535
    Windows since 2008
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    09-09-2015 02:56 PM
  6. dustwalker13's Avatar
    desire series are nit from huawei .. they are HTC branded.
    i've tried honor 3c...honor 4c... g630... g750...try these phones. specially 4c. this phone rocks.
    don't try to use security card here... no one wants to write a virus for 3% of people with so many problems. that would be cruel.
    if you do not side load apps on android, security is almost perfect.
    sorry for the mixup huawai / htc i will look into huaway then - but do not discard the "security card". android has several severe vulnerabilities due to its makeup and the decision to hand so many functions and so much configuration power over to the vendors. that has caused this thing to be a secruity nightmare, especially since it is now next to impossible to force vendors to even distribute fixes for bugs and vulnerabilities especially for older models.

    so no, the "security card" is not invalid, both windows phone and ios are veritable fortresses compared to the swiss chees that is android at the moment. one can only hope google gets its act together and the vendors behind a continuous update strategy (which they are not interested in as they do want to sell more new phones) otherwise android will always be insecure and frankly a risk for everyone using it. market share protects windows phone to a certain extent but that is completely beside the point here. android is insecure due to googles past decisions and those need to be addressed.
    09-09-2015 03:33 PM
  7. Senthil Perumal's Avatar
    To be honest my answer is no for the following reason ( i have Lumia 930):

    I am happy with the hardware + software build for Lumia but eagerly waiting for Windows 10 and am slowly losing patience. I want to taste Windows 10 before I decide to movie to other OS Phone.
    Not many apps are there and not sure what Microsoft is doing for those
    The update to Windows Denim stopped and they ask to be insiders to test Windows 10. I don't want to disturb my phone with a build which may have some bug.
    Not sure when windows 10 will roll out. Earlier there were some updates happening for Windows Denim but it all stopped with Win10 mobile came into picture and now Microsoft is stuck to release insider build itself.
    The new flagship phones like CityMan and TalkMan may have an impressive spec but nothing new other than Windows 10
    The time to market for Microsoft should be bit aggressive which I see is not there
    09-09-2015 03:58 PM
  8. Wes Smith's Avatar
    Think of: sport events, festivals, museums, schools, insurance companies, home alarms, car features, smart home apps (like for the heating system, lights etc) etc etc etc. There IS a huge app gap, denying this is not to be connected with the reality.
    There's plenty of it to go around. I use progressive and works fine for insurance, espn for sports...home alarms/car features, they will come in due time. To say a huge gap is a misleading statement
    09-09-2015 04:16 PM
  9. Wes Smith's Avatar
    SnapChat for example. Most (not all) teens and 20s swear by it. It's also to do with the quality of apps. No first or third party app available (don't try and tell me 6Snap, it's been removed from the store and SnapChat will permanently ban you for using it, without appeal.) Compare Instagram on iOS/Android to Windows Phone for example. There are plenty more examples of both but figured I'd give the biggest examples of each.

    Snapchat?? LOL that is a drop in the bucket to say a big gap exists.
    09-09-2015 04:18 PM
  10. TgeekB's Avatar
    after what Apple presented including Microsoft showing office on the new ipad :)))))) a big NO! for any ms devices.

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    A big win for MS going cross-platform. Smart move.
    09-09-2015 04:47 PM
  11. mythos13's Avatar
    You are little bit nave with your statement about android being spy...... Microsoft is also spy but they are not openly admitting it as android or Google.
    You're just uninformed. Windows Phone doesn't have CarrierIQ on it. Microsoft doesn't email all devs including ones working in dark rooms in former soviet block countries your personal info every time you buy an app--Google does this. The way that permissions are handled on Android isatrocious--any app can pretty much get any permission it wants without the user knowing without too much difficulty. Google is an advertising company--personal privacy is its enemy. Their s no comparison on how much your privacy is compromised on Android compared to Windows and iOS
    09-09-2015 05:08 PM
  12. laevanay's Avatar
    No! After my HTC 8X, lumia 925 and now the 830 its time to go away for 2 years and if the platform survives and hopefully matures, I will jump back in. I have compromised enough. I love the platform, dont get me wrong but I feel MS is not serious. Look at Groove, its unpolished and not complete, look at Maps, or the mess the camera is, there are 20 different camera apps each doing a couple of things. Look at messaging or even Skype. Even MS focuses on other platforms before giving its platform any attention.
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    09-09-2015 06:45 PM
  13. anon(9521980)'s Avatar
    I would definitely buy another Windows Phone... Live Tiles are a charm, and the deep integration across Windows 10 OS devices is one of the greatest reasons to keep using your Windows Phone.
    Mine is a Samsung Ativ S WP8, and I'm really excited for the next Lumia from Microsoft.
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    09-09-2015 09:35 PM
  14. Willelmus's Avatar
    I honestly don't understand why microsoft isn't being more aggressive here.

    Most windows phone fans have been waiting for years for a flagship, yet all their attention is on desktop and office (as showed today during apple's event). I love - I mean I really love - my 1520, but I do want to get a new phone. And frankly, although win 10 mobile can be a breath of fresh air at moments, I really want new features, a faster processor ( and a more stable OS - spotify is horrible on win10 mobile).

    But yeah, I'm delaying my decision until November (I'll be able to save for something shiny too).
    But right now, I'mkinda tempted by BLU's Pure XL
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    09-09-2015 10:46 PM
  15. BebMelvin's Avatar
    I have a Lumia 930 and I have been using it mostly for work. So far I am satisfied with it.

    Would I buy the 950 or 950XL? NO. Definitely not.. They look ugly as hell though a lot of people will disagree.

    Would I buy a Microsoft Mobile in the future? YES.

    I believe windows 10 mobile is the future. The problem is, what I need is the NOW. When I renew my contract it would most likely be an iPhone unless Microsoft presents a better mobile option for me.

    I guess this is more about preference than anything else.
    09-09-2015 11:29 PM
  16. wpn00b's Avatar
    I've got a Galaxy S6 Edge for work and I don't see how its much better than my Lumia 929(Icon).Everyone just wants to be able to say they need all these apps but if they used their devices efficiently they would understand it's all superfluous.

    I'd definitely buy another. I'm liking 10 so far. Especially after a hard reset the other day.
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    09-10-2015 12:07 AM
  17. SPS828's Avatar
    I'm 50/50. I actually really like Windows 10 Mobile but it's the hardware. I don't like those Lumia 950 concepts at all especially after hearing cyan may not be an option for consumers. Since we don't know what the real phone will look like (and I may like them if I try them in person), I'd probably buy it but I'd get an iPhone if I didn't.
    09-10-2015 12:10 AM
  18. Kasey Pierce's Avatar
    I unfortunately am saying no. My first Windows Mobile was an HTC 8X. As Verizon did not offer the Lumia 920, it was my best "flagship" Windows device. I couldn't wait. Once i received the device i loved it. It's simplicity, it's design it's speed. I was in heaven, but it was short lived. The camera was sub par, and support from Verizon was no where to be seen. Third party apps can only keep up so much to their first party counterparts. I ended up trading it in for an HTC Droid DNA about 6 months down the line. While i liked Android, the customization was almost too overwhelming. Once Windows Phone 8.1 was announced, i was sold on Windows Phone again. It felt like it had a grown up and had a lot more to offer. It was simple by design, but sleek and powerful. Now that Verizon was offering a true Windows Phone flagship (Lumia 929) i was drooling once again. I know a lot of people here know what followed soon after. Months and months of no official 8.1 release and stuck on Lumia black even after cyan was phasing out and denim was the new buzzword. But hey, i still had my beautiful AMOLED display and beefy hardware, i was content. Once the actual Denim update (and 8.1!!) came to the phone, it hit me with mixed feelings. My once crisp AMOLED display was no longer working right. It was never super black like before, now it has a tint to the screen like the pixels don't do their magic of turning off completely anymore. App support( not all blame to Microsoft) still not there, and Windows Phone 10 looked to be my saving grace. I LOVED the direction that wm10 was goiing especially in line texting! but alas it's too little too late. I upgraded last week to the Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge Plus and i couldn't be happier. All the apps (not many) i had on Windows phone have never been better. It has a true AMOLED display at a ppi i could only dream about. 4 yes f o u r gigs of ram under the hood and an 8 core 64 bit processor to boot. All in a thinner lighter package than my Icon. The camera is amazing. the pictures are taken a lot faster and the detail is so good. Auto focus problem i had on my icon is not present either. Like i said, I've never been happier. In summary, i have no regrets choosing Windows Phone when i did. But i have never been happier with a smart phone. I've come to the conclusion i don't need to own a Windows Phone to be a true Microsoft fan boy. I use Outlook over gmail. Cortana over Google Now. Office and Skype over Docs and Hangouts, and One Note and One Drive for everything else. (These apps scream quality on my edge plus as well.) I look forward to the future of Windows Phone and hope Microsoft succeeds in it, i'll just be watching from the sidelines with full support and love for the company that allows me to get stuff done.
    09-10-2015 01:30 AM
  19. Chomiq's Avatar
    I own 930 and have to say: NO. Not with the design of next top phones, not with the way MS deals with the platform.
    09-10-2015 03:11 AM
  20. MrPhilicorda's Avatar
    One drive works flawlessly on my Android phone.

    I also have an LG Optimus F3 on which I use Onedrive to backup my photos via Wifi. Works very well. I find Onedrive is much simpler to use than Google drive, plus of course it's cross platform.
    Thanks. Been doing some research and i seems all MS-things I want are available on Android. That is Outlook Mail & Calendar, Onedrive with automatic photo upload and HERE Maps car navigation (Ok, not MS per se, but used to be a strong feature for them). It's interesting, it is said Microsofts strategy is to offer all these apps on iOS and Android so they can lure people in to their eco system, but as I see it they make it awfully easy for people to abandon the WP platform.
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    09-10-2015 03:12 AM
  21. congthanhgiong's Avatar
    Why there's no poll for this thread. Just look at the graph, we all know the answers.
    09-10-2015 03:52 AM
  22. rockstarzzz's Avatar
    Why there's no poll for this thread. Just look at the graph, we all know the answers.
    [NOTE]*OP* Do you want to add a poll to this? PM me and we could get that sorted.[/NOTE]
    09-10-2015 03:59 AM
  23. Clive Rennie's Avatar
    Yes I would Expansys has great deals on Lumia B-stock so ive been getting the 1520,s unlocked very good condition before they are all gone been with Ms since back in the days not leaving anytime soon so I will get the next Lumia
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    09-10-2015 04:00 AM
  24. tmulhearn's Avatar
    If I can sell my 1520, yes I would !
    09-10-2015 06:10 AM
  25. blade-jac's Avatar
    Recently moved to an iPhone, to be honest the only reason is the lack of apps and competition that create better quality ones.
    my Lumia 930, was stronger, didnt scratch easily , better camera , better screen.
    however now I have applications for allsorts that I was missing on WP8.1 , the phone is lighter but all in all very similar.
    I have to admit I thought there were enough apps on wp8.1 but moving to iPhone opened up shed loads of features I was missing out on using.
    eg, Astronomy apps with overlays on actual picture
    Science and educational,
    Banking and credit cards
    Control apps for TV, Amp, Camera (remote control), plus the MS ones like Xbox
    OneNote actually works better and has fingerprint support for passworded sections.
    Podcasts are really nice for listening too in car (cant believe i'm hooked this late in the game)
    accessories: cases for every use, eyepieces for camera, attachments for telescope.

    Loved my windows phone but wanted the apps and accessories. iPhone supplied these but I wouldn't commit to staying if the tables turned
    09-10-2015 06:25 AM
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