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07-13-2017 07:13 PM
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    Circling back here to this thread since I have an X3 again...

    Microsoft advertises this phone as AT&T certified. I asked an AT&T rep in chat giving them the IMEI of my X3 if the phone is suppose to be getting VoLTE/Enhanced LTE services. He said "Yes!!". But we know how far that can go sometimes...Dan did mention it was planned to have certified by AT&T...I am going to test out when I get home what I had the rep do for my account to see if it does anything for me with IMS registration or enabling any other features. I will wipe the device with my sim in it in the process with WDRT.

    UPDATE: so the Elite X3 is certified. But on the certified pages of IoT devices. So HD voice seems out of the question. Also VoLTE. However something else may be in the works....AT&T Certified Devices
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