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    Hi there Windows Central community,

    I do apologize in advance if this post has been posted before but i've yet to come across it. I received a pre-birthday gift from my fiancee which was a Lumia 535 Dual Sim. It's been a snappy little phone so far, however there has been one nagging issue that's sticking out.

    It's not receiving any mobile data, it only seems to work on wifi. The mobile data is switched on and it's on my primary sim.

    I've tried the following :

    1. Restart phone after changing regional settings
    2. Via USSD for carrier, select settings
    3. Manual keying in APN
    4. Switching network to Manual from Auto

    Can't remember if i tried anything else, but i'm alittle stuck. Anyone encounters same issues?
    01-25-2015 07:33 PM

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