1. Martinspire's Avatar
    So i'm currently waiting for my XL to drop but i've got to play with it and continuum on some MS event here in The Netherlands (Future Proef for those interested). Anyways, i wasn't allowed to install apps, update apps or whatever but it was a nice experience. And i think the default apps have been shown in various video's, though i haven't tried them all. But i'd love to see more of em. Especially Onedrive, Weather, News, Stocks, Playing video, Playing Music (does it work in the background too?)

    But now that the phones are out and various apps have a universal app available, i think its time to see how those work and get a feeling of whats possible with the functionality and how it performs. So if somebody could make a video of it, please do!

    Some apps that you could show (though im not sure if they really work or not):
    • Teamviewer (released today), might be very interesting to see until the Remote Desktop app becomes available. Especially for business users
    • Dropbox (not sure if Onedrive also works?)
    • Line (as example to many other messaging apps, i'm looking at you Whatsapp)
    • Baconit for Reddit (or other Reddit apps)
    • DeviantArt
    • Regenmeter (Dutch weather app, just look up Amsterdam if needed, but nice example for Weather apps)
    • Tweetium (although i'm not sure if thats universal, but still)
    • Streaming video (not sure what app can currently do that, but at least try, i dont think Plex is Universal Windows App yet?)
    • Halo Spartan Assault (hows the gaming?)

    And if you want to test but not show on video, thats ok, at least let us know what works
    11-20-2015 11:18 AM
  2. landcameras's Avatar
    TeamViewer works great. But like I said in the other thread, only in a pinch. The install overhead is too great for real IT use.
    Onedrive is fine
    Built in Weather app works fine
    Plex over Edge works(ish) I think you have to match Media resolution to Screen Resolution. I realized it after I took the photos.

    Give me a Continuum enabled Video capture app and I'll make a video ;)
    11-21-2015 05:05 PM

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