1. Zolotoy's Avatar
    A day or so ago both of my email accounts: Gmail and corporate Outlook got broken. Email client stopped opening or opening for a short while and closing. Sometimes it would stay by syncing wasn't working. Sometimes just a black screen. Adding Gmail account wasn't working either.
    Soft reset: still no worki. Since inevitable was coming anyway I decided to update the phone to Insider hoping that since it's all new OS (or is it?) it might start working. Nah. This morning I noticed that my corporate outlook tile shows that I have emails. I opened it and yes it showed new emails in blue. But still saying last update was 1 day ago. Forcing syncing did not do anything. Anyone can make any sense of this nonsense?
    Just a side rant. What kind of bug would stop working emails???

    11-30-2016 06:47 AM
  2. gordonfink's Avatar
    I used to have one email account that would do what you are describing. I have about 8 accounts on my phone, but one of them would stop synching, and lose connectivity randomly. I would have to delete it, then re-add it to the app, and it would work again.

    In this case, it was a work email. It was unreliable as to when it would stop working, so I ended up auto-forwarding all emails in that account to a .live account that never had that issue. I had some folks griping to me that I hadn't answered their emails, but I never knew I had emails.

    I can't explain why that happened, but it was only that one account, and the auto-forward was the only work around that I could find.
    11-30-2016 07:23 AM

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