08-21-2017 01:38 PM
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  1. vonchowder's Avatar
    I'd like to know if someone can test connecting an external DAC to the USB type-c using an OTG adapter. Will audio default to come through the DAC for normal OS sounds and apps? What about Spotify, and/or Groove music.

    Thanks in advance.
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    11-20-2015 10:13 AM
  2. Baby Jeffrey's Avatar
    I just picked up my 950 today and can test this when I get home this afternoon. Hopefully it does indeed work as I'd like to be able to connect it to my E17k.
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    11-20-2015 11:35 AM
  3. Baby Jeffrey's Avatar
    Sorry for the delay. I can confirm that all audio defaults to playing through the DAC. I checked Groove, Spotify, and receiving a text. On the phone, it shows the connection as an "external screen".
    11-21-2015 11:19 AM
  4. vonchowder's Avatar
    That is great news. Thanks again!
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    11-23-2015 08:50 AM
  5. Dirigent82's Avatar
    I'm wondering if the USB-OTG capability will support using a DAC/AMP in order to bypass using the headphone output. It would be great to see this supported. Has anyone tried this?
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    11-29-2015 10:15 AM
  6. ericloewe's Avatar
    Yes, someone has confirmed it works.
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    11-29-2015 11:54 AM
  7. vonchowder's Avatar
    I now can also confirm that my Dragonfly USB DAC works great with the 950XL. All sounds are coming through DAC. However, if your DAC needs a driver (like the Schitt Bitfrost), it probably wont work... I am planning on testing this soon.

    I was also pleasantly surprised to see that Groove Music played my FLAC files.
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    11-30-2015 04:21 PM
  8. minnisp's Avatar
    Hey, this is great news. Can anyone see what resolution is supported? Is the dragonfly a version 1 or 1.2?
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    12-01-2015 08:08 PM
  9. glenjay's Avatar
    I have an iFi Audio Nano-DSD USB DAC that supports 32bit/384khz PCM but my 950xl will not recognize it. The OTG cable works great for thumb drives, and other low power demand USB devices, but no recognition of the DAC.

    It will probably be awhile before a Windows Mobile app supports DSD audio format, but if I could find a DAC that would support PCM at 32bit/384khz and work with my 950xl that would be great. Most of my music files are in FLAC format and more of the third party player apps are starting to support that format.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction and/or list what DACs you have found that work with the 950/950xl?

    Thank you.
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    12-23-2015 04:28 PM
  10. glenjay's Avatar
    I did a little research and discovered Windows 10 supports the USB Audio Class 1 standard (UAC1), which was created in 1998 and supports up to 24bit/96kHz, so any USB DAC headphone amplifiers that support UAC1 should work with the 950/950xl.

    The USB Audio Class 2 standard (UAC2), which was created in 2009 is not currently supported in Windows 10 (just everyone else), so higher audio resolutions are not supported through the USB on the phone. Third party drivers can be installed in Windows 10 (not so much mobile) to support higher audio resolutions which is how my iFi device works.

    Microsoft has stated that it is considering support of UAC2 in Windows 10 (including Mobile I assume), but have not given a timeframe as to when that might happen. Apple has supported UAC2 for about the last 5 years.

    If you have an opportunity to interact with Microsoft please request that they support UAC2 as soon as they can.

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    12-24-2015 03:09 PM
  11. Svatopluk Matejcik's Avatar
    Hi guys,
    i can confirm support for OTG/direct audio on my Lumia 950 XL with FIIO E18 Kunlun. It took me couple days to get it working but finally it works.
    The issues I had was basically caused by the cables. Firstly i tried standard micro USB 2.0 <-> micro USB 2.0 provided by the FIIO with USB type-C male <-> micro USB 2.0 female adapter, which didn't work (for data connection with computer this cable works without any problem). Basically when I plugged in the DAC and turned it on, the phone didn't react and I hear strange repeating cracking in the headphones. I restarted the phone with DAC turned on and as soon as the phone booted up, it played know notification sound from Windows for new device. It repeated couple times (like when you don't have good connection plugged/unplugged ). The phone recognized the device as an external monitor. I was able to command the phone from DAC to play/pause, next/previous song, but didn't hear any sound playing. Other behavior was that after unplugging DAC I wasn't able to charge the phone until next restart. I tried multiple cables in this setup without any effect. I even reset the phone to factory defaults, which as well didn't help.
    SOLUTION: Success came when i bought USB type-c data cable (USB type-c <-> micro USB 2.0). I plugged the cable to both devices turned on the DAC, phone played once the known notification sound and "Voila" everything works like a charm. Sound, control of the phone without any issue.
    My question is: If the USB is standard and backwards compatible... How come that one setup doesn't work and the other does?
    02-13-2016 08:53 AM
  12. mprebich's Avatar
    Thanks to everyone here for the initiative taken and the feedback related to using an external DAC with the L950.

    I've been waiting for this on W10M, but haven't made the jump from my L930 because of this. While this is a "start", the 24/96 limitation is a non-starter for me. Many new DACs are already offering hi-res up to DSD64 and DSD128.

    I successfully use external DACs with my Surface (1), the difference being the ability to load drivers for the DAC. I'm currently using an LH Labs GeekOut 720/1000, which goes up to DSD128. Great little device and excellent value also.

    I've decided that I'm just skipping the phone for audio and going to a DAP (digital audio player). My indiegogo order for the LH Labs Geek Wave is soon to be fulfilled and that will solve my problem.

    Anyway, glad to see that Microsoft is making some progress for us audiophiles, however slow and basic the functionality is.

    UAC2 in Windows 10 would be great also, eliminating the need for drivers to run DACs of higher resolutions.

    Thanks again for all the research, testing and posting!
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    02-19-2016 01:38 AM
  13. Alexander Long's Avatar
    Not sure about DAC, but I do know it would support Dell USB speaker when I use continuum at my office.
    02-19-2016 10:36 PM
  14. signal-2-noise's Avatar
    I have Audioengine D1 & D3 that both work with the 950XL. Using a VicTsing UBC-C adapter. However, I also recently purchased the Chord Mojo which does not work (WP gives an error) and am trying to find solutions. I ordered another OTG cable to see if that's the problem.
    Interestingly, over on head-fi there was a comment about some DACs such as the D1 do not require the OTG spec to be compatible.
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    03-19-2016 07:54 PM
  15. Adel Rahimi's Avatar
    How do I connect CHORD MOJO to my Lumia 950 XL?
    08-11-2016 06:29 AM
  16. Joe920's Avatar
    Wow, some of these DAC's are exensive!

    Just out of curiosity, would something cheap like this work? (Behringer DAC, 4xRCA, two in, two out) A couple of reviews mention success with Android phones, e.g. "compatible with Windows, Mac and even my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone! Yes you heard right, using a USB OTG adapter, if you connect this to your phone the audio instantly and perfectly routes through it. (Tested on my Note 2 using Android 4.3) Remember that this support varies by manufacturer."

    Alternatively, if your receiver has optical in, could the 950XL use that via something like this? (Muse USB to optical)

    Edit: Now I'm also curious if USB condenser mics such as this or an XLR-to-USB adapter such as this can be used with the 950XL for a simple music recording setup, and which recording app people would use. Has anyone here tried?
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    08-11-2016 06:55 AM
  17. Cory Nelson's Avatar
    Can confirm my ODAC works.
    08-13-2016 06:26 PM
  18. Joe920's Avatar
    Can confirm my ODAC works.
    Details? Phone, OS version, cable/connector type, exact DAC model?
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    08-13-2016 07:06 PM
  19. odairduque's Avatar
    I'm very happy, I can use a Sony PHA 1A with my lumia 950, with build 10.0.14915.1000 (fast ring)
    09-10-2016 06:36 PM
  20. Joe920's Avatar
    I'm very happy, I can use a Sony PHA 1A with my lumia 950, with build 10.0.14915.1000 (fast ring)
    Wow, that's the price of a BOGO 950XL! :) https://www.amazon.com/Sony-PHA1A-Po...pUvbUpU3559329
    09-11-2016 01:03 AM
  21. cincykid76's Avatar
    09-11-2016 01:37 AM
  22. cincykid76's Avatar
    09-11-2016 01:37 AM
  23. cincykid76's Avatar
    09-11-2016 01:46 AM
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    Oh man, those are going to be so annoying once people find out they don't stay behind your neck, but instead just keep sliding to the front. :) By the way, three posts with the same link, and on an unrelated thread, maybe a bit much?
    09-11-2016 11:56 AM
  25. Alexander Long's Avatar
    Oh man, those are going to be so annoying once people find out they don't stay behind your neck, but instead just keep sliding to the front. :) By the way, three posts with the same link, and on an unrelated thread, maybe a bit much?
    He might have been using the Windows central UWP app for commenting, it sometimes behavior odd, by either never post or post duplicate
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    09-11-2016 02:28 PM
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