01-12-2016 01:47 AM
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  1. msirapian's Avatar
    Nope I think the 808 is as good in EU than US. And that Q/A excuse is a dodgy one. I hope MS will react soon and enable the tuner again as it would be the first Lumia or almost the first NOT to have a FM tuner!

    And removing quietly the FM tuner feature in the specifications online is perfidious :/
    12-13-2015 07:09 AM
  2. Mardox's Avatar
    Some information obtained from a MVP.

    The 950 has built in radio. But it is blocked at OS level, by MS, because MS engineered assessed the quality of FM was not good enough. Consumers are supposed to use 1/3 parties.

    Good and well, but in France, the CV FR Dual SIM 950 doesn't even allow use of third party apps. fmradio and alike stop with a "not supported device" error.

    Outrageous. Even my 535 has FM radio ; how come MS intentionally blocks FM radio at OS level on their high end device???
    Italian unlocked 950 no radio functionality, same "not supported device" error.
    12-13-2015 07:15 AM
  3. msirapian's Avatar
    Not surprising. There's only ONE hardware code now, I guess your 950 is a RM-1118 (dual sim 950) as mine
    12-13-2015 07:25 AM
  4. jcboliveira's Avatar
    So it seems that in Europe the radio is blocked, sure hope that they weren't blocked due to the fm differences between us and Europe, specifically the 200khz versus 100khz
    12-13-2015 08:32 AM
  5. msirapian's Avatar
    The LG G4 sports the same 808 and offers FM radio with RDS in Europe as far as I know.
    12-13-2015 08:36 AM
  6. DCProjMgr's Avatar
    For those that are getting a "not compatible" message, could you post the app & publisher (because many of the radio apps have similar names)? Also, for those that have it working post the app/publisher you are using. Maybe we can find some patterns.
    12-14-2015 02:20 PM
  7. msirapian's Avatar
    OK. I've tried fmradio (by Garen Yndem) and it says my device don't support fm radio.
    12-14-2015 03:07 PM
  8. Bri D's Avatar
    I switched to an iPhone 6S because Apple knows how to correctly remove FM capability from a phone :P
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    12-15-2015 06:22 PM
  9. TTBalog's Avatar
    Fantastic! Worked fine for me. Just what i need. You can't power off the radio, but pausing it does the same thing.
    As per other stations, you can add them to Favorites by tapping the heart sign for each one. It then lists all of them on the right hand side.
    One can do automatic search as well as manual one in case of the a station that has weaker signal, just like in the previous official Windows FM Radio app.
    Thanks a lot, friend.
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    01-12-2016 01:47 AM
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