1. Arthur Livshits's Avatar
    So here's my story:
    I was happily waking up from my "body recharge session" (lol!), I flipped the cover and unlocked the surface; everything was fine!
    So I was 'using' my Surface while suddenly the "G" key started going crazy! It was clicking and clicking itself on its own, so I'd fix this problem by removing and re-connecting the keyboard (that's how I knew that 'craziness' was coming out of the keyboard); always worked.
    But today I woke up and got an astonishing surprise! That same "G" key isn't working anymore.. I tried everything, except those empirical but apparently solutions that say to use alcohol and that kind of stuff, although I never found a problem like mine so I'm kinda losing hope :(
    Any of you know what's causing this problem? Or what solutions are there? I have the latest updates, latest drivers, etc..
    Complementing what I said earlier, all the other keys work, I have a Surface 2 with a touch cover (first one).
    Thanks for the help in advance to all! :)
    11-25-2014 07:07 PM

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