1. Stress Protect's Avatar
    Hi, I'm really worried now.. because my L1020 said his battery is low and I need connect to charger. I was charging my L1020 and after 10 minutes it turned off.. and the windows symbol is flickering while charging.. when I disconnect my L1020 from charger and turn on I can see Nokia logo and battery low (red color) but nothing happened...

    I'm really upset and I don't what to do.. My L1020 is new and I don't have a warranty in my country...
    please give good news....

    Thank you very much!!!

    (sorry for my English..)
    11-20-2013 04:16 PM
  2. N_LaRUE's Avatar
    Not sure what country you're in but Nokia should support their products if they're defective like yours.

    You can try this:

    Holding down the volume down button, power, and camera until the phone vibrates.

    Not sure it will help with your situation but doesn't hurt to try. I think you need to get it exchanged.
    11-21-2013 04:11 AM
  3. potatopower's Avatar
    Leave the phone on charging. The phone will turn on once it has enough charge.
    The flickering windows logo means that the phone is charging but the power is too low for it to turn on.
    11-21-2013 04:41 AM

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