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    I have searched and tried a number of troubleshooting tips to try and get my Nokia Lumia to start up but none have been successful. Please help.

    I dropped my phone on the floor this afternoon and the back fell off and battery fell out, when i put it back together and in the charger, it gave me the usual initial part of turn on process with 'NOKIA' ..... then nothing....
    So far i will try to list all the things i've tried from various troubleshooting advice from the forums...
    1. soft reset
    2. hard reset
    (I have had a black screen with a message saying unable to reboot, press any button to shut down)
    (I have had more response when phone connected to pc via usb cable as the phone atleast vibrates, however when trying the power off, volume down simultaneously for 1 seconds I do not get the vibration if not plugged in.
    3. Software Recovery tool - it installs on pc, i launch and then when connecting to phone via usb cable it comes up with error message saying failed

    Please help me sort my phone out, this is driving me crazy, need my phone urgently!
    02-24-2016 02:17 PM

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