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    Connected my phone via bluetooth to windows 7 PC. I get the error message in the title. First used a USB BT dongle and installed the drivers it came with. Got a yellow triangle w/exclamation point next to Windows phone in "Devices" on the PC and two notifications that Windows could not install the drivers for this device. Searched for drivers on WUPD, broadcom, CD etc... Now on a different PC, same OS WIN7 64bit, this PC has a BT/WiFi card installed on it . installed drivers for the BT and paired my NL 635. Same exact error, two drivers missing. Nevertheless, I can send files to the phone from the PC, use the PC as a speakerphone and play music from the phone over the PC speakers. Or use the phone as a proximity device. Every thing appears to work but when device drivers are missing in Windows It causes performance issues. My question is: What drivers are missing if any? Is this a bug in Windows 7 or 8.1?

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    10-06-2014 10:25 PM

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