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    So, amongst my extended family we own a total of eight Lumia 810's. Yes, that's probably 80% of the 810's in our entire state. We've been in the Dev Preview from the get go. Anyhow, starting approx 6 weeks ago, my wife's phone started suffering from a serious battery drain. Like, down to 60% maybe 4 hours after unplugging with very very little use (2-3 txts, no calls, no other apps). Meanwhile, with much more use (albeit, not power usage) my phone would be around 90-93%. She can barely make it through her workday, in fact some times she doesn't. She didn't have this issue at all as recently as Christmas time. I uninstalled every app she'd installed the last two months with no improvement. I then ordered her a new battery, again with no improvement. So finally I performed a hard reset and only allowed a bare minimum of apps to reinstall. Still horrible.

    Any thoughts on what could be the culprit? Really open to any suggestions anyone might have. Was kind of hoping to not have to buy a "new" phone for a little while yet, but her 810 won't last even 3-4 hours if she used it like she was a few months ago.
    02-09-2015 10:05 PM
  2. realwarder's Avatar
    Odd. Does it do it from hard reset with no restore done? Curious if 'bare minimum of apps' was still a restore. And with no account setup from boot. Basically leave it as an unusable phone for a day.

    Also, what if you remove the SIM card? Or disable Wi-Fi? (thinking of radio issues and isolating which one). Is Bluetooth in use now and wasn't before Christmas?

    You've changed the battery which was my first guess and sound quite a logical troubleshooter. If a hard reset and no radios on shows high drain it's likely a hardware issue.
    02-09-2015 10:37 PM

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