1. rhenford's Avatar
    I bought a 920 on Friday.
    Last night I was trying out a couple of games. I put the phone down with the battery at 30% (I have the battery life app). Twenty minutes later I pick it up to check email and what not and it doesn't turn on.
    I tried charging it from 3 different sources with 2 different cables and nothing.
    I'm thinking I will have to make a trip to the store today. The bad thing, aside from the non-working phone thing, is that I'm in meetings all day with folks that I was showing this off to yesterday.
    11-13-2012 07:34 AM
  2. KoukiFC3S's Avatar
    Try holding volume down and power for 10 sec.
    11-13-2012 09:20 AM
  3. socialcarpet's Avatar
    Ah yes... the time after a new phone is released when we get an influx of new users that come in to do nothing but complain. Seems like the 900 and Titan 2 came out just yesterday and we saw the same thing.

    I can't wait until the "honeymoon" is over and we are left with a regular population of aficionado type users again.
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    11-13-2012 09:21 AM