1. MAkhdar's Avatar
    I just noticed after opening the Calendar app and looking at the text on each day that I have something that it is random words instead of what I have. It's a minor issue but certainly weird.
    11-13-2012 03:59 PM
  2. KoukiFC3S's Avatar
    Can you post a screenshot? Power + Home
    11-13-2012 04:03 PM
  3. Slaador's Avatar
    That's not an issue, it's how it's always been since WP7. It's just more visible now with higher definition. :)

    Here's a thread about it: Is the text in the calendar's month view supposed to be readable? - Windows Phone Beta - Stack Exchange
    11-13-2012 04:05 PM
  4. MAkhdar's Avatar
    I'm trying to upload a screenshot but the site keeps giving me Error 404. I'll upload it as soon as it lets me :). If its like that on purpose it seems weird.
    11-13-2012 04:57 PM
  5. prjkthack's Avatar
    Its designed that way. The text is meaningless, its small enough so that you usually can't notice or really read it, but its just enough to tell you that there is something on that day of the calendar.
    11-13-2012 05:05 PM