1. bradbamford's Avatar
    Trying to use my 920 to read in the dark ,but I'm blinded by the lighted capacitive buttons...

    I fund myself always trying to cover up the buttons with a finger in order to read without getting hit by the bright lights.

    Why don't they dim at the same leval as the OS?
    03-26-2013 07:50 PM
  2. Al_2's Avatar
    Try this. Lock your phone. Put your finger over the light sensor (above the N of NOKIA). Keep it there and turn the screen back on, then remove your finger. As long as the brightness level in the room doesn't change the capacitive lights should stay off.

    Not a perfect solution and it's a bit hit and miss at times but it might help.
    03-27-2013 03:30 AM
  3. bradbamford's Avatar
    Thanks, I'll try this later this evening. Although, I just downloaded the new Firmware update, so I'm hopeful that I won't need to try any tricks.
    03-27-2013 03:41 PM

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