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    Hey guys...

    Wife cracked the screen on the Rogers Lumia 920 phone... LCD underneath it looks fine.

    Do I need to get the digitizer and LCD ... Or will the digitizer suffice.. Looks like it is just held together by adhesive from what I can see.

    Please let me know your opinion and if its one or the other do you guys have any recommendations as to what to buy from eBay or any other online marketplace? I can fix it myself if it comes with the proper tools and adhesive.


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    07-14-2013 05:10 PM
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    If the LCD looks fin you just need the digi. I replaced my Lumia 920 digitizer last night. Unfortunately I failed and have to buy another digi. I hD it working perfectly but when I got it back together I realized I left the protective inside sheet of plastic covering on the digi when I installed it and had to take it all apart, It was 2am ,so I got sloppy and tried to separate the LCD and digi to get the plastic out without taking the care to separate the phone from the screen assembly, and in the process I bent and messed up half the digi connector ribbon. When I put the phone back together, the bottom half of the screen and the home and back buttons didn't work. sad.

    But to answer your questions. Just the digi you need to buy. I got it from a USA dealer on ebay for around $85. I also got the custom made front panel adhesive (essneitally just cut double sided tape) for Round $10. Also purchased a cell phone repair kit (has torx wrenches, plastic pry tools, and a suction cu) for $8. Overall, cost me 100 to fix. Well 200 if you consider my costly mistake.

    Not too bad to take apart. YouTube it there is a very detailed video for taking apart both the phone and scfreen assembly. Good luck!
    07-14-2013 11:07 PM

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