1. Awbridgers's Avatar
    This phone is incredible, but i barely have any apps. I feel like I'm barely scratching the surface of what this phone can do. I was just curious what are some your favorite apps (camera, utility, etc.) that you guys love and use on a daily basis?
    01-22-2014 04:14 PM
  2. wpmartjr's Avatar
    6snap, 9Gag, subway surfers, wpc app, fb, whatsapp
    01-22-2014 04:19 PM
  3. hope4wp's Avatar
    Camera -
    Nokia camera, 1shot, 4blendHDR, Nokia Refocus, Nokia panorama
    Editing -
    Fantasia painter, nokia creative studio, fresh paint
    Start screen (shortcuts) -
    Cool tiles, wiztiles, app folder
    Lock screen -
    [+] Lockscreen, awesome lock, lockie
    Music player -
    Built in is nice. But if you are looking for more then Extreme music
    Games -
    Tooooo many games lol
    Social -
    Facebook, twitter, vine, tapatalk for wp central, instagram beta, 6tag, whatsapp
    Utilities -
    Battery pro+, data sense, recorder pro, skydrive, dropbox, Nokia beamer, Nokia share, shazam, lumia system updater, true caller, bing translator, trapster
    I guess i should stop here lol

    Sent from my RM-821_apac_australia_new_zealand_304 using Tapatalk
    01-22-2014 04:35 PM
  4. hope4wp's Avatar
    Let me add i use over 125 apps....so it's hard for me to say :)

    Sent from my RM-821_apac_australia_new_zealand_304 using Tapatalk
    01-22-2014 04:35 PM
  5. Microsoftjunkie's Avatar
    I just found out today "quick tiles" and "quick control" have functions I never knew existed.

    they essentially have functions to "lock" your phone and also "reboot". you can pin music controls and have tiles for volume "preset" control. take a look.
    01-26-2014 10:06 AM

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