03-25-2014 06:33 PM
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  1. Guytronic's Avatar
    Looking pretty hopeless

    I remember being on a loaded down C5 headed for Ramstein Germany looking down thinking "man if we nosed in on this dawg it would take days to find anything"

    From what I read about the current search area boats don't even like to venture out there.
    I wonder if the tsunami junk is screwing up the ability spot anything specific.
    I dunno maybe there isn't much garbage floating out there.

    Hope this whole thing doesn't turn into one of those unending mystery's.

    Sad stuff.
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    03-23-2014 04:55 PM
  2. palandri's Avatar
    I would think they could do more with satellites. Aren't we suppose have satellites that can read a license plate off a car? Isn't there a computer that can process an image faster than 3 or 4 days?
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    03-23-2014 05:35 PM
  3. X0LARIUM's Avatar
    I just want to know, then, where is the plane? I mean, the physical aircraft. Is it so impossible for us to locate the damn thousand ton metal body.. if its a high jack, why no demands yet. Its not like they highjacked it for fun ..no matter what the theory is, I just want to locate the damn physical plane..

    Coded from a Clover Trail+ Machine!
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    03-23-2014 11:29 PM
  4. crazy elf's Avatar
    We can all agree, its gone, we can agree it was purposely done. And we can agree that no one knows a fricking thing. With that said who's hiding what and why. Someone knows something. You just can't change course of a 777 and no one know anything. It just doesn't happen....
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    03-23-2014 11:44 PM
  5. birgs's Avatar
    Maybe there is another Bermuda triangle somewhere we don't know.
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    03-24-2014 12:28 AM
  6. birgs's Avatar
    Maybe there is another Bermuda triangle somewhere we don't know.
    The world of mysterious Bermuda triangle.
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    03-24-2014 12:35 AM
  7. Live2Deliver's Avatar
    From a Malaysian point-of-view, a Malaysian myself, my take is the pilot took the plane somewhere to make a statement for Opp leader Anwar.
    Anwar's charge for sodomy that was dismissed months back was overturned recently, something many believed was political imprisonment as there is a by-election coming up, and Anwar were going to stand in it. Now in his place his wife will be.

    This whole episode could be a distraction, like the armed incursion on Malaysian state of Sabah by filipino terrorists, that happened just weeks before the parliament general elections last May 13.

    A MH B777 that has a perfectly good safety record, going missing deliberately, just before a by-election, without clues? That plane will reappear.
    Malaysian PM just held a press conference, MH370 crashed in Southern Indian Ocean off Perth, Australia.
    There will be a full press conference tomorrow.

    RIP to the passengers. Btw, the Malaysian by-election I said was held yesterday, opposition won.

    EDIT: PM Najib Razak only mention that based on satellite analysis the flight ended in the stated area. No words of the flight crashing.
    Video of the press conference:https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v...type=2&theater
    Official Malaysia Airlines statement: http://www.malaysiaairlines.com/my/e...dark-site.html
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    03-24-2014 10:16 AM
  8. palandri's Avatar
    The question of what happened still has to be answered. I've read in a couple of articles about remote control equipment on this plane that allows controlling it from the ground, that bothers me. Here's a statement from a former pilot. I don't know how reliable it is:

    ...Perhaps the most unsettling information in regards to the missing Boeing 777 comes from retired 35 year Delta pilot, Field McConnell, who states that since 1995, Boeing Uninterruptible Auto Pilots have been equipped in Boeing planes. This information was apparently not released until March of 2007, following a subsequent lawsuit by McConnell. The modification was reported to the FAA, NTSB and ALPA (airline pilots association). According to McConnell’s documents, Boeing is said to have stated that by end of 2009 all Boeing planes would be fitted with the BUAP – making them impossible to manually hijack within the plane but susceptible to remote control by the military, according the flight veteran....
    Questions the Media Haven’t Been Asking about Flight MH370 « Aletho News

    Here's an older article about BUAP:
    New autopilot will make another 9/11 impossible - News - London Evening Standard
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    03-24-2014 11:18 AM
  9. sinime's Avatar
    Maybe there is another Bermuda triangle somewhere we don't know.
    OT, but there is another area like Bermuda Triangle near Japan... It's the Devil's sea or Dragon's Triangle...

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    03-24-2014 12:48 PM
  10. raycpl's Avatar
    Too many hackneyed theories abound. Probably the simplest cause is the most obvious explanation. Hope the blackbox is found quickly and put to bed all the speculations.

    May their souls rest in peace
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    03-24-2014 12:55 PM
  11. Live2Deliver's Avatar
    Too many hackneyed theories abound. Probably the simplest cause is the most obvious explanation. Hope the blackbox is found quickly and put to bed all the speculations.

    May their souls rest in peace
    Problem is if this incident is indeed an act of the pilot suicide, there could be a chance that the CVR and FDR were disabled. Such things had happened before in previous pilot suicide like Silkair Flight 185.
    03-25-2014 05:15 AM
  12. bayanii's Avatar
    We all love a good mystery novel LOL.

    Since it's beer-o-clock:
    I caught an internet conspiracy comment somewhere that eluded to a plot to use a stolen plane to deploy a nuke on the US.
    Merely a conjected rumor mind you.
    whoa there.
    03-25-2014 05:34 AM
  13. Christian Holmstedt's Avatar
    Let's talk about the satellite pings.

    Up until now there has been one solid ping and more recently a half ping. In the media it is reported that these satellite pings happens with ~1 hour interval. The latest one happened before that, maybe due to an emergency condition?
    But what about all the time before the 'solid' ping? It flew for many hours. Wouldn't it have been pinged several times? Have I missed something in the reporting here? Where there more than these 2 pings (1.5 pings)?
    03-25-2014 04:43 PM
  14. palandri's Avatar
    Last I heard today on CNN is there were six and a half pings and they just learned about the half ping today.
    03-25-2014 05:33 PM
  15. Christian Holmstedt's Avatar
    Well that is really good news.
    Where are the 'arc' plots showing all 6(1/2) pings then? That info plus dead reckoning assuming a constant speed of ~500mphm or so would give a very good clue about where it hit water.
    03-25-2014 06:20 PM
  16. Guytronic's Avatar
    We hear how small the world is yet in this case the world isn't quite so small.
    Even a single survivor would be wonderful at this point.

    Hoping so bad that there can be some sort of resolution.
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    03-25-2014 06:33 PM
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