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    Who is Nadella?

    Satya Nadella is CEO of Microsoft Corporation since February 2014. Microsoft is public company, it has about 2500 owners, and about 75% of owners are institutional and mutual funds. Five largest shareholders are:

    • Vanguard Group, Inc.
    • Capital World Investors
    • State Street Corporation
    • BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A.
    • Price (T.Rowe) Associates Inc

    Bill Gates is the largest direct holder, but he has less than 2.5% of shares.
    So, why they need Nadella? The largest shareholders are funds, they invest in hundreds of companies and they cannot manage them all. Actually, they do not care about Microsoft or some other company from their portfolio because they bought all market. If Microsoft will disappear, Apple and Google stocks will rise. However, somebody must be head of company and they elected board of directors, who elected Nadella, who is responsible for other managers. Therefore, we came to the next question.

    Who can fire him?

    Every public company have special document answering such questions, so-called bylaws. Here is answer from Microsoft’s one (https://view.officeapps.live.com/op/...b-b368a5610625).

    4.2 Appointment and Term of Office. The Board shall appoint the officers of the Corporation annually at the first meeting of the Board held after each annual meeting of the shareholders. If officers are not appointed at such meeting, such appointment shall occur when possible thereafter, or may be left vacant. Each officer shall hold office until a successor shall have been appointed and qualified or until said officer’s earlier death, resignation, or removal.

    4.6 Resignation or Removal. Any officer of the Corporation may resign at any time by giving notice to the Board or the Corporation. Any such resignation is effective when the notice is given, unless the notice specifies a later date, and shall be without prejudice to the contract rights, if any, of the officer.
    The Board, by majority vote of the entire Board, may remove any officer or agent, with or without cause. An officer or assistant officer, if appointed by another officer, also may be removed by any officer authorized to appoint officers or assistant officers. The removal shall be without prejudice to the contract rights, if any, of the person so removed.

    Therefore, board of directors can either vote for somebody else or just fire Nadella immediately. However, note that board of directors, not CEO, could be responsible for employing some other officers.

    What we can do?

    Customers, developers, partners, employees, minority shareholders and even Bill Gates cannot fire Nadella. We must ask board of directors to find better CEO. Probably, petition on Change.org will be the best option. Ideal activist should not depend on Microsoft (I am developer and I cannot start petition), in addition, it would be good if he or she would be native English speaker who can write the text of the petition neatly and who could answer journalist’s questions if needed. The citizenship of the United States would be an advantage, because Microsoft is an American company. When you will write petition, use this email address for Microsoft’s board of directors: askboard@microsoft.com and Change.org will send them petition. Change.org will not show petition until it will get first five votes, so you will have to share direct link here or elsewhere to get them.

    What will happen to him?

    This year Satya Nadella joined board of directors in Starbucks, do not worry, he will not die of hunger, but billions of people around the world will breathe a sigh of relief.
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    04-17-2017 01:53 PM
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    You certainly did a lot of work on this, I acknowledge that.

    The thing is though, is that Nadella is in charge of Microsoft as a whole and is doing what he believes is best. His duty is to the company as a whole, not to the mobile segment. You can argue about how mobile is crucial to Microsoft's future in consumer technology but not everyone will necessarily agree. The goal is to make money and Nadella didn't see the value in mobile. A few thousand mobile enthusiasts won't be enough to really do battle with the accounting department and the performance of other departments.

    I don't agree with what he's done, but I don't expect anyone to remove him as Microsoft seems to be doing okay so far. And mobile has always been a bit of a drag depending.

    Now if he were to pull an Apotheker and spin off Azure and Surface and other weird stuff that risks the company's integrity, then maybe.
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    04-17-2017 02:11 PM
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    Nadella is not business genius, thanks to quantitive easing and low interest rates all companies from software industry feel good, real competition will start when rates will grow and market will shrink. It is better for shareholders to replace him now.
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    04-17-2017 03:52 PM
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    You did the who, what, and how, but you never addressed the why?

    Like Xandros, I presume it's due to the handling of mobile. While I don't agree with how they seem to be letting mobile sort of sit in this weird limbo, it doesn't take away from the fact that even when Microsoft and a separate Nokia were pushing as hard as they could, they never cracked more than 3-5% of the global smartphone market. Quite frankly, a company with less resources than Microsoft would have just dropped the platform altogether and moved on.

    For better or worse, it's basically an Android or iOS world. Nadella never really was in a position to change that. Seeking his proverbial head on a stake won't change that.
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    04-19-2017 09:44 AM
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    I was never really all that focused on the Global Smart Phone market when it came to Windows Phone, what I looked at was the many countries in Europe and Asia, where Windows Phone was Pushing 20% and climbing before Nadella took over, it was even slowly climbing in the U.S. if only be a couple percentage points every year, but progress was being made slowly but surely. it was then that I had a really positive outlook for WP, the OS was getting better the hardware was getting better, more apps were slowly showing up to the party. I was seeing WPs in movies and TV shows. But then Nadella took over and gutted Mobile, it seemed almost out of spite, because he never wanted mobile in the first place. Steve Ballmer played the long game on most thing Xbox, Surface, and Bing were all hemorrhaging money for their first couple of years, but eventually became solid performer, and significant profit centers. But Nadella killed Mobile, he killed the band, if Phil Spencer wasn't there, he'd probably try and kill Xbox One, just because its not a cool and popular as PS4. Don't be surprised if he kill hololens the moment apple comes out with a cool and trendy version.

    Nadella reminds me a lot of our government, only looking at what the polls say today, what money there is to be made today, and never thinking about things long term. If its not immediately profitable, kill it. If it gets made fun of by apple fans kill it. if some celeb make a negative comment about it, kill it. He'd probably make a great congressman with all his short sightedness.

    It always boggled me that they didn't have MS employees using Windows Phones, those should have been their daily drivers, if they found a problem or something the phones couldn't do that iPhones, or Androids could they could fix it and make it better.

    Ok end of rant.
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    04-19-2017 10:50 AM
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    Not sure where you think Nadella has gone wrong as CEO.

    The number one thing for any CEO is to please shareholders. As such, the stock price in 2014 when Nadella took over was $36.56 per share. The current stock price is $65.46. Unlike Ballmer, Naqdella is a technologist. He worked at Sun and Microsoft in database and business computing areas.

    From my opinion as a technology manager, things have gotten better since Satya enterd and the Age of Ballmer ended. (I'm happy he's now just tending to the Clippers, and not forcing Crapware like XP down our throats.) Satya is cloud-focused, business focused and worked at both Sun (where business servers ran before anyone even thought of NT in a cold room) and in Microsoft's business systems division.

    Yeah, mobile is having a hard time. I chalk that up to - again - Ballmer. His focus was on the home market and building teh Windows ecosystem with XBox, Zune, the Band and completely forgot why people want a mobile device.

    By comparison to the $150 or so spent on an XBox, I just authorized $120,000 for MS Professional Services to perform a Windows 10 RAP and engage two consultants to help me deploy Windows 10 and OPP to my 900 or so workstations. I pay close to $300,000 per year for server licensing.
    No, Nadella is a good thing for Microsoft.

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    04-19-2017 12:10 PM
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    Nadella is doing well. It's just Mobile that they need to work on
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    04-19-2017 12:18 PM
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    "Yeah, mobile is having a hard time. I chalk that up to - again - Ballmer. His focus was on the home market and building teh Windows ecosystem with XBox, Zune, the Band and completely forgot why people want a mobile device."

    I get that Ballmer, made some mistakes on the mobile side, but you cant deny that there was an upward trend in Windows Phone market share under him, whereas it completely collapsed to like 0.03% once Nadella took over.

    Microsoft as a software company needs to have an ecosystem, they need Xbox, and band, and mobile, and groove etc. Without a complete ecosystem there is no reason to jump ship from Android or IOS. Am I going to go to the two ecosystems that let me have all my devices, be friendly and interoperable with each other, or am I going to Nadellas ecosystem of mixing and matching devices, that don't want to talk to each other.

    They need to focus on the consumer market. The only reason Enterprise uses MS products is because you don't have to train anyone to use them, because every one has a Windows PC, and MS Office, but If you have an entire generation that grows up using IOS and Android, (that never had an MS option, because Nadella said you didn't matter) they are going to want to use IOS and Android at work too, They don't want to use Windows they don't know how to use Windows, and companies certainly aren't going to want to pay to train everyone. We've already started seeing this happen with BYOD and Ipads at the workplace.

    In short in one generation of people moving into the working class, Microsoft looses its enterprise advantage, and since They got rid of any sort of Diversity in their product portfolio and focus solely on enterprise, the company dies, and your stock price tanks.

    I am a Microsoft share holder and I do like seeing the price up at $65 a share, but I don't want it to be at the expense of long-term growth for the company.
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    04-19-2017 01:42 PM
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    You did the who, what, and how, but you never addressed the why?
    Even people protecting him mentioned here at least mobile strategy, so, there is no point in explaining reason. For some customer it could be abandoned mobile device, for developer or partner it could be missing strategy and unpredictable behavior, for employee – incompetent management, for shareholder – unbalanced structure of company’s investments or uncertainty in future results. Most people posting comments under news about Microsoft know why, but they spend their energy in virtual space and their opinions cannot change anything. And, in opposite, campaign in real world is absolutely different story because it will bring discussion at new level. In fact, petition is virtual as well as comment, but it is "official" comment to real decision makers.
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    04-22-2017 05:00 PM
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