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    I have been a die-hard Windows fanboy for over 5 years now. However, because of the demise of W10M I was forced to use Andoird (which has been really great actually). During that time, I never used Microsoft or Arrow Launcher...until today. Wow...have I been missing out.

    It's soo feature filled. Sync real well with all MS services and is geared towards productivity.

    One of the things I really love most bout this launcher however, the design language consistency it gives to go along with your PC. Though Andoird has always had more features this is one thing that's always been annoying to me about Androidm. I like a consistent design language between my devices. Yeah...it's not a full UI overhaul, but it's as close we're going to get.

    Plus, MS Launcher allows the unique features of my native UI (EMUI 8.0 which I love on my Mate 9. So it's like havibg the best of both worlds.

    Actually...it's really the new WP?

    Anybody else loving MS Launcher? Why?
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