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    I remember reading a article that windows phone 8 has a new api out that for example would let u download a mp3 through the browser and add it to your media library on the device without needing to sync w/ a computer to do this.

    has anyone tested this out yet? is it possible?

    also if this is possible would i be possible for us to have a winrar/winzip app on wp8 now and download those file types and add the contents to our media library all on the device? or even a file explorer of some sorts since we are now able to send/receive music files from what ive been reading

    heres a article on apps adding music/media into the music hub

    Windows Phone 8 has new API for loading music from Apps into the Music Hub | WMPoweruser

    "Winphoneviet, who leaked the most recent Windows Phone 8 SDK, reports that the SDK has new APIs, including one called SaveSongOperation which allows one to load music into the Xbox Music Library, just like developers can now save pictures to the Picture Hub.

    The freedom would for example allow developers to download music from the internet and add it to the music bug, or transfer music via Bluetooth and do the same."
    11-10-2012 11:51 AM
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    From looking at developer documentation, it is possible to register an app to handle certain file extensions and it is also possible to save a song into the library (as you pointed out). I don't think the Microsoft apps (i.e. IE, Mail) allow you to save directly, but someone should be able to write an app that registers to handle .mp3 or .zip extensions and the work could be done there.
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    11-10-2012 11:57 AM