1. mildor's Avatar
    I don't know tha nem of this feature, but in an iphone, when you're calling and press the home button, it takes you to the home screen while call is in second plane, this allowyou to take notes, or surf the web, etc.... the same thing happens when you're recording a voice memo...

    I want to know if window phone have this TWO features...
    10-04-2013 08:06 PM
  2. crash1989's Avatar
    Yes it does. When on a call, press the windows logo (center capacitive button ) and it will take u back to the start screen and you can open up any app you want.
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    10-04-2013 10:09 PM
  3. rubenwidjaja's Avatar
    yes it can open apps when doing call
    sadly there's no way I can record phone call
    10-04-2013 10:26 PM
  4. SwimSwim's Avatar
    Yes, Windows Phone does indeed support simoltanious voice and data transmission.

    There's no easy way to record phone calls due to API limitations, but there are some apps that will record should you initiate the call from the app. Again, due to API limitations, no easy way to record received calls.
    10-05-2013 08:36 AM

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