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    I have a love hate relationship with my Windows Phone - it doing random stuff without my intervention is perhaps the biggest bugbear I have. Today my Nokia Lumia 625 phone is "waiting for WiFi" trying to upload Photos to SkyDrive - clicking on any photos in the uploads page takes me to my WiFi connection page where I can see I am connected to one of my home WiFi connections. Return to the Uploads page and the message is the same, change to connect to a different WiFi router and there is an attempt to upload to SkyDrive that soon fails and I am again presented with the "waiting for WiFi" message.

    Connected to WiFi I can access email and the Web

    Windows Phone seems to have invented a new circle of hell - how do I get out of this and get my photos uploaded?

    Counting down the days to the point when I can dump my contract and get a more reliable SmartPhone
    08-16-2014 01:35 PM

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