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    Hi all. My wife was browsing the web on her lumia 1020 and she got this prompt from the page. I'm not sure what page she was on, as the script locks down the IE tab. It's clearly a phishing, or piracy act, but I was just wondering if anyone knows how to block things like this, how to report it to Microsoft, and so on.

    After clearing the cookies in the browser, I was able to get the page to refresh, which allowed me to get the images below before it locked up with the prompt.


    Fortunately, she has a tab pinned to her start screen and that allows her to open IE from another tab, allowing the browser to bypass it. However, if she didn't have that tab pinned, I think that the browser would be locked down and require a factory reset because every time IE opens, it opens the previous page opened.

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    Get Rid of Applehelp.net Virus Easily
    Its the site that the problem. Phone shouldn't have been affected, cause of sandbox nature, but if you find anything then do report, cause it might just be the 1st virus on windows phone.
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    05-01-2015 03:18 PM

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