1. dvdmon's Avatar
    I know you just switched over to a new system, but yesterday I posted a message and had a few good messages in the thread but today when I try to access it, it's just totally gone! Here's the link to it from my email from yesterday:

    Oops, now I can't even post a link because it says I have only 3 posts. Apparently the system wiped all my 400+ posts as well as my many subscribed posts - or left them on Treocentral? But I logged in yesterday to WM-Experts when I posted my message, so I have no idea why the post is gone

    What's going on??
    11-19-2008 07:59 AM
  2. Dieter Bohn's Avatar
    Short version: APOLOGIES! I've lifted the post-count link bit and I'm confident we'll get the posts back. Working on it now. This is related to the forum split stuff.

    Long version: posting separately in a minute in this forum.
    11-19-2008 08:53 AM
  3. Dieter Bohn's Avatar
    11-19-2008 09:00 AM